Friday, 10 February 2017

Friday Favourites 231..

FF231 Image
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A rather plastic fantastic wishlist this week; I've rounded up some of my favourite jewellery pieces from across the internet. 

001 - This triceratops necklace is just fabulous and comes in just about every colour option you could possibly imagine. Glittery or non-glittery, neon or not: there are just so many choices! I'm not sure which colour to go for, but I'd love one. 

002 - I seem to be having something of a zombie moment of late and these snowglobe necklaces are awesome. They depict scenes of people fighting off zombie attacks. This lady in the yellow dress is so full of sass. 

003 - To be honest, this pick is cheating a little bit because I already own this brooch. My friend stocked some Nelly Jane Crafts bits in her shop and I loved her wooden brooches, One day when I was working there, she brought some new stock in and I asked if she might be able to design a dinosaur girl brooch. Which she did - it arrived a couple of weeks later and I totally loved it. I had no idea it would make an appearance on the Etsy shop, too, but I'm super excited that it has and that it's my namesake..! 

004 - Another homage to another film I adore - Moonrise Kingdom. Suzy and Sam make excellent bunnies, I think. Want wanty want.

005 - Since I'd still put Audrey Horne up there as one of my favourite female fictional TV characters, I absolutely love this little brooch set from Hungry Designs.

006 - La Vidriola have so many awesome necklaces on sale at the moment. This jester is not only super cheerful, but can also be changed about so that he's in different positions, by moving the clips on the chains and attaching to his hands, feet etc.

Anything awesome caught your eye this week? 


  1. This is a great selection!!! I really love Lavriola but I've tried to resist ordering. I love the trumpet necklace, pea earrings and the salt cellar earrings are brilliant!!

  2. That triceratops is fantastic! I need! xx