Friday, 17 February 2017

Friday Favourites 232..

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Happy Friday, folks! Here we are again. I think I'm coming down with a cold and it's all been pretty quiet around these parts because everything else in my life is going nuts. 

Despite the fact that the weather isn't really on board, this week's picks seem to be screaming springtime at me. 

001: New to me this week., I'm really excited about this new site; Zoe Vine. This dress in particular is calling out to me. It comes in green or yellow polka dots, or a lovely sailboat print. One of each...? 

002: Ahhh. Irregular Choice has some lovely new stock in and I'm excited about so much of it. These rabbit mid-heels are a lot lower than I'd usually wear but I'm loving the colour scheme (they also come in a pale yellow) and the fact that they have a bow on the front, of course.

003: Vendula London have also been coming out with some absolute gems, lately. This sewing shop bag is probably my absolute dream bag - could it be more perfect for me, really?! I love the generous size of their grab bags - you can fit all of the essentials in them - and the fact that they give you the option of using the shoulder strap or not. 

What's been catching your eye this week?

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