Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Wishing for Spring..

Dress, Jacket: H+M 
Ohhh, is anyone else bored of the chilly weather yet? I'm worried that all of these cold mornings are going to wear out my heated seats. (Still loving the new car, in case that wasn't obvious!)

I'm embracing Springtime in my outfit choices if nothing else. This dress is such a lovely shade of spring green and I found it again recently - after a shuffle around of the wardrobe room I've managed to get back into one of the wardrobes which has been behind a clothes rail for an absolute age. It's like having new clothes without even having to shop!

I love this jacket - I can't remember how many years ago it was that I spent a few days in London and shopped to excess. (It sort of seems like a lifetime ago.) But this jacket was one of those things which I still absolutely adore, despite not being quite my usual style.

Pretty Poodle heels, Kind of the Castle bag: Irregular Choice // Cardigan: New Look
Still using this bag - because I'm basically too lazy to change my things over. I clearly carry too much crap around with me. I seem to be having a patterned tights phase as well, which I'm completely cool with. (Better photos of them here). 

Although there have been a few work-related frustrations, this week has been a vast improvement on recent ones. So that's cool. 

Tights: Jonathan Aston*


  1. I am so bored of the chilliness!
    I have this dress too, I bought it last year from eBay. I have a hankering to wear it now! I remember when you bought this jacket, it looks fab with the dress, and really suits you.
    Good to hear things are looking up :)

  2. The dress looks super pretty on you, the whole outfit is really cohesive! Glad your week is an improvement on previous.x

  3. Glad this week has been better. I love patterned tights, I've got a whole bunch waiting for when it's warmer.