Monday, 27 March 2017

Spots and dots..

Dress: Dolly + Dotty
Well, it's Monday again after something of a mixed bag of a weekend. I'm trying hard to focus on the positives, though, which included a trip to Bounce Below, eating ice cream in the sunshine and a movie at my favourite cinema, as well as dinner with some of my absolute favourite people.

Trinkletina shoes: Irregular Choice // Bag: Kate Spade
My outfit for the aforementioned dinner on Saturday night was this. I'm not sure what had reminded me of this dress during the day, but when I popped home to get ready (in record time), I was absolutely convinced that nothing else would do.

Luckily I was able to track it down without any trouble and decided on these heels, which kind of match whilst also contrasting - I still love that little zoo print fabric on the fronts. Digging out my dalmatian purse, which fits all of the essentials in, I was ready to go. 

Cardigan: Primark // Choker: Kate Spade
I've been wearing this Kate Spade choker so often recently - this is after a momentary panic last week that I'd accidentally lobbed it into the charity bag. Thankfully I hadn't. 

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  1. I really like this!! The whole look is v pleasing! Close up of the choker please!