Friday, 10 March 2017

Friday Favourites 235..

001 // 002 // 003 // 004

I've been so tired this week (candle: both ends), but finally it's Friday again, so here's a round up of the things which are catching my eye.

001: Frankly this is the star of the show. The new La Vidriola collection is heavily inspired by animals and jungle themes and this is their most amazing piece, in my opinion. Limited to a run of 10, it's super exclusive, but oh-so-amazing. 

002: I'm so in love with border print designs and Lindy Bop seem to be coming out with new ones almost constantly. This is the Carnaby design, featuring cityscape and London buses. I love the mix of colours on the navy background. 

003: Oh hai, new Irregular Choice styles. I have a wishlist as long as my arm. Seriously. How superb are these sandals, complete with embroidered bunnies and embellished flowers? I'd wear them with some pink tights until the weather picked up a little. 

004: Oh, Yoshi. I adore their new designs; these tessellating triangles are so cute and eye-catching and the mix of colours would mean they'd go with just about any outfit. 

What's been catching your eye this week?


  1. I love the Yoshi bag and the La Vidriola one too. Their designs are Amazing but I wanted to know, did you get charged any import duty on your jester necklace when you ordered? I'm not buying at the moment but I have been tempted in the past.x

  2. Gorgeous picks, I love the shoes and Lindy Bop prints are fantastic.

  3. Everything on this list is so you, especially that necklace! It's amazing, but I'd never have the confidence to wear it!

    Rachel x

    The Inelegant Wench