Friday, 7 April 2017

Friday Favourites 239: Spring has sprung!

FF239 Image
001 // 002 // 003 // 004

Argh, this week has zoomed by in a mixture of sunny days and springtime flowers and frankly amazing new arrivals from some of my favourite corners of the internet.

001: This NYC print from Joanie Clothing is probably one of my favourite prints for a long long while. It's amazing - cityscapes and polka dots - and there's a dress version, too. 

002: This lilac Lindy Bop cardigan would match the print rather perfectly, in my opinion.

003: This is one of my favourite Vendula designs - possibly ever! A cute little caravan bag, with a cross-body strap adorned with bunting. 

004: Miss L'Fire never fail to come up with something amazing, and these floral shoes are no exception. I love the ankle ties, which make it look as though they're growing up your leg.

What's caught your eye this week? The lovely weather is making me want to shop for summer sandals.


  1. I love the Campervan bag! So pretty and cute!

  2. I've been hunting for the perfect, canary-yellow dress to go with my new, cerise shoes. After dismissing all dresses as too lemony / too mustardy, I finally found a Fearne Cotton, petal-sleeved prom dress which is just the right shade of yellow for a steal at £8 on ebay. Soooo excited for it to arrive so I can finally wear those pink shoes (photos on my blog)