Thursday, 11 May 2017

Shake out the trees, change the scene..


Somehow, we've already passed midweek and it feels as though we've barely begun. Sometimes I feel as though I'm doing okay, whereas other times it's as though I'm constantly treading water. A lot of this is down to taking too much on, so I end up being under more pressure than is perhaps ideal. Maybe this is something I'll grow out of in time, but it hasn't happened yet.I'm beginning to learn that it's not always possible to do everything, or at least that if things take longer than anticipated, that can be okay.

Finding myself at home last weekend for the best part of a day with no fixed plans, I took the opportunity to try to restore some order to the organised chaos which surrounds me. Trying to be as ruthless as possible, I worked my way through bookshelves, kitchen cupboards and homeware things and out-sorted things which I no longer needed, or could part with. I listed a bundle of things onto my sale page, and also trundled off to a local charity shop with some of the others.

With the lovely weather we've been having recently, it almost feels too late to call this a spring clean exactly, but it definitely feels good to have a thorough sort out. The obvious next step was my wardrobes, but I'm working through them a little bit at a time as it's just a mammoth task. How do you decide what to keep and what to let go of?

This one was deemed a keeper.

I figured that the best place to start was my underwear drawer (it's the smallest drawer) and using these hints and tips from Thirdlove, set about trying just about everything on and clearing out everything which no longer fits properly, and anything which was beginning to seem a little past it's best. Anything which is in full working order but just the wrong size for me (my lingerie drawer seemed to be full of a range of sizes - can you tell that my bust is - annoyingly - where I lose / put on weight first?!) was sent off to the Smalls for All charity.

Infographic_LifecycleOfTheBra (1)

I find that my worst hoarding happens as a result of nostalgia. I'm way too sentimental when it comes to outfits I've worn which have memories attached to them, and I'm not so good at getting rid of some things even when I 100% know that I'll never want to wear them again. I should be better at that but frankly, nostalgia is my downfall.

Are you a hoarder like me? Do you have any tips on how to be more ruthless when it comes to Spring Cleaning? Along with this helpful infographic, ThirdLove are trying to help out by offering free trials of all of their bras. You can wear them for 30 days and if they're not right, send them right back for a refund. They're also offering 10% discout at the moment with the code TLSPRING10, if that helps.


  1. No idea how to offer tips as I, too, am a serial hoarder!!!

    1. I'm trying really hard to get rid of things, as I know that moving is going to be an epic ordeal.