Monday, 14 August 2017

I hold the sky in my hands..


Want to see something awesome? I was hoping that the photos I took when I tootled down to the pub with this last week would come out a little better but they're rather blurry, so here are some close-ups of the newest addition to my Vendula London collection. 


This is The Crown Grab Bag: similar in style to the old favourite, The George pub, but with a bunch of new details. Just check out the roaring fire through the window, and that leather armchair. 


As usual with the grab bag, the top of the bag takes on the roof shape, with clasp and hinge in the middle of the roof. Again, the level of detail here is amazing. I honestly don't know how the team at Vendula keep coming up with such lovely designs and making them so, so perfect..! 


As well as being plenty big enough for all of my essential daily bits and bobs, there's a back zipped pocket; a good size for tickets, phone etc. There's an inner pocket, too, which I tend to use for my iPod. 
The Crown comes with a detachable top grab handle, and a cross-body strap which can be clipped on and off, as required. The shoulder strap is adjustable so can be worn across the body or on the shoulder as preferred. I tend to favour the grab handle but like the option of being able to add another strap just in case. 


All in all, I'd definitely recommend this bag to anyone looking for something a little quirky but a decent size. You can get the full range of bag sizes in the Crown design, but this is the best one, in my opinion. Bravo, Vendula London!

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  1. love this, so much detail! I really like the caravan one they make too.