Friday, 6 October 2017

When moving from your home town is a good decision..

There is nothing like being in your hometown, with all the comfort and familiarity that comes along with it. I especially love knowing exactly which coffee shop I want to go to and which one to go to if that one is closed. There is just something about having a security blanket and knowing where you are like the back of your hand. However, there is also something to be said for new challenges, new adventures and even a new city.
 There is a part of me that does like the idea of making a new city feel like home. After all, when its the right time for a change and the opportunity presents itself, it could be just what is needed, without even knowing it! Everybody is different, of course, so the right opportunity will be different for everyone. Perhaps a 6-month internship could give you the right amount of time to check out a new place, or maybe going to university in another region is more your style.
The thought of moving away is a bit intimidating, yes. But it is also a fun way to dream up a new lifestyle and get a fresh start. Often times, I wonder: what would I do if my dream job came up in a different town? Or what if a family member or a dear friend moved to a city I love? What would you do?
 Moving can open so many doors, make you grow much stronger and offer you with the opportunity to create your new ‘norm’. For example, it can offer great benefits for your career. Maybe there are not enough job vacancies in your hometown and a job opportunity in another city is the perfect fit. Or perhaps there is a specific company or industry that is particularly vivid elsewhere that could be your driving force to move.
For me, a city that I have always been interested in is Liverpool. It’s only 50 miles away from my hometown, so I feel like it is close enough to where I can come home on the weekends, but far enough so I feel like I would really need to create my own home. There are plenty of jobs available in Liverpool, the Internet makes it easy to check out new possibilities as well as rents and the best coffee shops I could check out on a visit!
 Your hometown will always be comfortable, sure, but if the timing is right, why not mix in another adventure? After all, you can always come back! Your hometown isn’t going anywhere…


  1. I've done the moving off and starting over lots of times now, just because I think that there's so much world to see and so little time! I've gone from Dublin to London to Barcelona to Granada to Córdoba. Okay, so I would appear to have gotten stuck in Spain! But I would heartily recommend heading off to a new city because it opens up a whole new world and, as you say, if it's not for you, you can always go home. Do it! Xx

  2. No Friday Favourites?????
    Can't comment on this as I work in the town I used to live as a child and my main reasons for not moving are mainly family and music.
    Always interesting to read these sponsored posts as they often prompt you to mention different things you don't usually mention and get a different perspective on you.