Saturday, 18 February 2017

Florals on florals..

Dress: Lindy Bop // Tights: Primark
I've been quite excited recently to have cleared out a lot in the wardrobe room, which means that as well as being a lot tidier, easier to get into the room itself and just generally...much nicer to be in, I've managed to find a lot of dresses which I'd squirreled away before actually wearing. This floral print dress is a Lindy Bop one called Sasha Bee, covered in floral print with bees dotted around and it's lovely. 

Shoes: Irregular Choice
Another thing I've been doing lately is trying to sort through my coats - I keep being told that I have too many (in fact a friend recently told me he was concerned I might die in a coat avalanche if I wasn't careful, as they've been hanging on hooks on my bedroom door and it's sometimes tricky to get past them. I've sent one or two off to the charity shops lately and have sold a few others, so the number is gradually dwindling and I'm figuring out better storage options. 

In doing this, I rediscovered this coat, which I made a couple of years ago, and I've been wearing it all week. Florals on florals, with some stripey tights and my Russian doll heels for a day of appointments at banks and house hunting.

Coat: Handmade (Vogue V8346)

Friday, 17 February 2017

Friday Favourites 232..

FF232 Image
001 // 002 // 003

Happy Friday, folks! Here we are again. I think I'm coming down with a cold and it's all been pretty quiet around these parts because everything else in my life is going nuts. 

Despite the fact that the weather isn't really on board, this week's picks seem to be screaming springtime at me. 

001: New to me this week., I'm really excited about this new site; Zoe Vine. This dress in particular is calling out to me. It comes in green or yellow polka dots, or a lovely sailboat print. One of each...? 

002: Ahhh. Irregular Choice has some lovely new stock in and I'm excited about so much of it. These rabbit mid-heels are a lot lower than I'd usually wear but I'm loving the colour scheme (they also come in a pale yellow) and the fact that they have a bow on the front, of course.

003: Vendula London have also been coming out with some absolute gems, lately. This sewing shop bag is probably my absolute dream bag - could it be more perfect for me, really?! I love the generous size of their grab bags - you can fit all of the essentials in them - and the fact that they give you the option of using the shoulder strap or not. 

What's been catching your eye this week?

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Yarn Along {11}..


It seems like a really long time since I last joined in with the #yarnalong, and that's mostly because I've not really made any knitting progress for a while now. I took my Hetty cardigan (yes, still working on that after beginning it in November) to Sarah's at the weekend and after a couple of false starts, I think I've progressed one of the shoulders. After the other one, it will be just the sleeves and the neckline and then it will be done - yay. 

On The Other Side
On the Other Side - Carrie Hope Fletcher

Bookwise, I've been finishing off several things recently, this one at a friend's house - I've been reading a few more chapters each time I've stayed there.

Having just read up on this, I now know (although didn't before) that this was written by an actress / vlogger, who I've got to say I hadn't before heard of. This book took me a little while to get into, but was a perfectly nice love story between two people who couldn't be together. So far, so much like any other romance novel, surely.

But when Evie Snow dies, she finds that instead of moving on to the next life, she's back to being 27 years old, where her life took some turns and she's able to visit those that she left behind. A smattering of magical happenings and a fairly primitive writing style made this book one which was fine for reading before bed, but not one I'd be likely to pick up again.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Tuesday Titles 119..

The Vets at Hope Green : Sheila Norton

After some of my recent reads, I decided it would be nice to have a bit of a change and jumped right into The Vets at Hope Green.

Following the life of Sam, who works as a receptionist at a veterinary practice in London, we find that she's having second thoughts about her relationship and her career choice. She decides she needs some time away from the big smoke and decides to visit Nana, who lives in a small village in the countryside: Hope Green.

Sam isn't quite welcomed into village life; some of the locals are less than friendly. The worst of all being the local vet, who of course takes an instant dislike to Sam. So, when a job position becomes available in the practice, should she consider it?

At the moment, the book is being released in parts via Kindle, but the paperback will be available in June. 

Friday, 10 February 2017

Friday Favourites 231..

FF231 Image
001 // 002 // 003 // 004 // 005 // 006
A rather plastic fantastic wishlist this week; I've rounded up some of my favourite jewellery pieces from across the internet. 

001 - This triceratops necklace is just fabulous and comes in just about every colour option you could possibly imagine. Glittery or non-glittery, neon or not: there are just so many choices! I'm not sure which colour to go for, but I'd love one. 

002 - I seem to be having something of a zombie moment of late and these snowglobe necklaces are awesome. They depict scenes of people fighting off zombie attacks. This lady in the yellow dress is so full of sass. 

003 - To be honest, this pick is cheating a little bit because I already own this brooch. My friend stocked some Nelly Jane Crafts bits in her shop and I loved her wooden brooches, One day when I was working there, she brought some new stock in and I asked if she might be able to design a dinosaur girl brooch. Which she did - it arrived a couple of weeks later and I totally loved it. I had no idea it would make an appearance on the Etsy shop, too, but I'm super excited that it has and that it's my namesake..! 

004 - Another homage to another film I adore - Moonrise Kingdom. Suzy and Sam make excellent bunnies, I think. Want wanty want.

005 - Since I'd still put Audrey Horne up there as one of my favourite female fictional TV characters, I absolutely love this little brooch set from Hungry Designs.

006 - La Vidriola have so many awesome necklaces on sale at the moment. This jester is not only super cheerful, but can also be changed about so that he's in different positions, by moving the clips on the chains and attaching to his hands, feet etc.

Anything awesome caught your eye this week? 

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Soundtrack of my life..


It's very rarely that I'm at home alone in absolute silence. If I don't have my iPod (my 30GB Classic is still going strong after 11 years and I'm absolutely dreading the day it gives up the ghost..) on shuffle via my Bose speakers, it's likely that these days I'll have a podcast on the go. 

Only recently (about October) did I really begin downloading and listening to podcasts. I'm not entirely sure what prompted it, but it's much easier to concentrate on sewing or knitting with a podcast on rather than a DVD in the background, I've found. Here are some of my favourites: 

Podcasts Collage

We're Alive: How would you deal with a zombie invasion? Well, I'm only a few episodes into I'm Alive, but so far Michael and his merry band of friends seem to have a plan. I kind of love zombie stories, so I'm excited to listen to the rest of this and see how things turn out for them.

On the Shelf: Sophie and Nemat are two thirty-somethings who give their relatable and down-to-earth take on the world of online dating, along with lots of other topics. They give advice to their younger selves and I like the way that they're only a few episodes in but I feel as though I'm really getting an insight into their lives.

Welcome to Night Vale: Oh, this is so creepy and yet also brilliant. Night Vale is a fictional town in the middle of the desert in America. I'm getting such feelings of nostalgia listening to this one because I can absolutely picture the town I drove through en route to the Grand Canyon when I was staying Vegas. In Night Vale, however, all of the conspiracy theories come real, there are creepy goings on and we hear it all reported by the community radio station. Each episode features a song in place of the weather report and I listen to this one when I'm struggling to get to sleep, as I love his gentle, monotonous tone of voice.

My Dad Wrote A Porno: I feel as though I got into this one pretty late - back in October, when the rest of the world had already listened to the first series of MDWAP. I was fine with this, as it meant that I could binge catch-up with all of the episodes and bring myself up to date. The premise is simple with this one (just in case there's anyone out there in the world who hasn't heard of it!) - Jamie's dad wrote an erotic novel, which he and his friends read and comment on. Very funny, although listening to two seasons in close succession got a little samey, for me.

Guys We Fucked: I was a little lost after running out of MDWAP and perused the charts for something which took my fancy. I was hooked by the title with this one and started from the first episode, which I tend to do with any podcast (I'm not a fan of jumping right in to the latest episodes). I'm now up to date (I think that's about 170 hours or so). I absolutely love this one - Krystyna and Corinne talk about sex, relationships and everything in between, No holds barred, which is the approach I've always taken to talking about sex. I really relate to them and my eyes have been opened to a few of their topics, but have pretty much enjoyed every episode.

The Receipts Podcast: This is a really new find for me; I listened to the first couple of episodes this week. Like On The Shelf, this one is UK-based and themed on relationships and just about everything else. So far I've listened to the four hosts cover topics such as dating, guys with female friends and being cheated on and I love that it's so relaxed that I feel as though I'm a fly on the wall of their conversation.

Other go-to podcasts (other than my daily fix of The Archers, of course) include Gilmore Guys (which I'm planning to listen in between rewatching the series, as I love the guys' commentary but it's been a while since I last watched the series), and basically any Radio 4 comedy or drama series. I also always make sure I have a couple of episodes of The Infinate Monkey Cage downloaded because all I want to listen to sometimes is the lovely Prof. Brian Cox. I adore him.

Any podcast recommendations?

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Wishing for Spring..

Dress, Jacket: H+M 
Ohhh, is anyone else bored of the chilly weather yet? I'm worried that all of these cold mornings are going to wear out my heated seats. (Still loving the new car, in case that wasn't obvious!)

I'm embracing Springtime in my outfit choices if nothing else. This dress is such a lovely shade of spring green and I found it again recently - after a shuffle around of the wardrobe room I've managed to get back into one of the wardrobes which has been behind a clothes rail for an absolute age. It's like having new clothes without even having to shop!

I love this jacket - I can't remember how many years ago it was that I spent a few days in London and shopped to excess. (It sort of seems like a lifetime ago.) But this jacket was one of those things which I still absolutely adore, despite not being quite my usual style.

Pretty Poodle heels, Kind of the Castle bag: Irregular Choice // Cardigan: New Look
Still using this bag - because I'm basically too lazy to change my things over. I clearly carry too much crap around with me. I seem to be having a patterned tights phase as well, which I'm completely cool with. (Better photos of them here). 

Although there have been a few work-related frustrations, this week has been a vast improvement on recent ones. So that's cool. 

Tights: Jonathan Aston*

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Tuesday Titles 118..

The Puppet Master - Abigail Osborne 

I hate to start with a trigger warning to any book review, as I'm very much of the opinion that triggers can be incredibly subjective, but this book made for difficult reading at times. I wouldn't recommend to anyone who would be affected by issues surrounding child abuse etc.

The character cast in the title role of puppet master was one of the most awful people I've read about. 

Billie, one of the victims, has been living her life in hiding since those dreadful days. It's the only way she can deal with life since escaping from her childhood tormentor. Little does she know that whilst he may not be showing it, he is keeping tabs on her and knows exactly where she is at all times.

Whilst there were a couple of issues which I found rather difficult to believe (the love story element was a little far-fetched, IMO), all in all the story was fast-paced once you discover each puppet's role and the fear sets in as you realise that actually once Billie makes an awful discovery, she may also be fast running out of time. 

As a debut novel, I found that this drew the reader in and enjoyed the writing style.

Monday, 6 February 2017

Sequins and spotty dogs..

Skirt: H+M // Bag: Kate Spade
Eugh, Monday again so soon? This weekend seems to have flown by, to be honest. I mean, this isn't a bad thing. It was full of friends and fun and films and several productive hours at the allotment, so I have no complaints, other than it being over too quickly. 

This was Friday evening's outfit for drinks with some friends. One of those "I'll only be out for an hour or so" moments, where you roll home at 2am and remember it's Parkrun in the morning so you should probably get some sleep. Ah well. Nobody ever sits on their deathbed and says they wish they'd had an early night, do they?!

This skirt is actually a much longer, more awkward length, but I'm wearing it a lot higher up with a top layered over it. I love the colour, but the midi length really wasn't doing me any favours.

Top, cardigan: New Look // Pixie Dust heels: Irregular Choice

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Sunday Shoes 130.


Super excited about this little new addition to my Irregular Choice collection. They're Toodle Loo, which I have had for a while in another colourway and really like. This pair arrived this week and I'm already super excited to wear them. I love the big bow on the front (obviously!) and the fabulous gold / purple brocade uppers and even more sparkly than I'd expected. 

I really like the inverted shape of the heel, which I think draws the eye. Super pretty and bound to be a pair which get a lot of wear, if my heart print ones are anything to go by.


Saturday, 4 February 2017

Tuppence a bag..

Dress: Handmade .. Bag: Irregular Choice
It feels like a long time since I took, let alone posted any outfit photos. There's nothing particularly special or exciting about this outfit, but I guess that sometimes there doesn't have to be. This is what I wore to take my little sister out for lunch as she was visiting for a few days.

Tights: Matalan // Boots: Irregular Choice
These tights have been so useful - they're so cosy and it's rare to have a cute pattern on a pair of knit tights, so I'm gutted to report that they've got a couple of holes in them and are destined for the recycling bin. Boo. I wonder if Matalan still sell them. 

Necklace: Accessorize
The print on this dress, which I'd forgotten I owned until my recent reshuffle of the wardrobe room, is of lots of ducks and I figured that the pastel colours in the print would work quite well with this corsage necklace.

Carsdigan: H+M
I finished up with my trusty Miaow boots and my unicorn bag (that bag because I've been using it all week and was too lazy to change things over...)/ I'm so ready for the weekend, even though it seems to have come around in a flash again. 

Friday, 3 February 2017

Friday Favourites 230..

FF230 Image
001 // 002 // 003 // 004 // 005 // 006

How is it Friday again? Here's what I've been going heart-eyed over all of this week...

001: So many pretty new prints have hit the New In section of Lindy Bop lately - these mirrors make me think of my Nan's dressing table when I was a little girl. We used to be allowed to play with the hairbrush / hand mirror set when we were having our hair dried after bathtime. 

002: I love sequins. I'd cover everything with them if I could have my way. This top from Joanie is a relaxed enough shape that I think I could wear it with a smart skirt to the office. Or, alternatively with a tutu style skirt and some killer heels for a drinks date...

003: I've been swooning over the new Irregular Choice stock on the Spartoo site, as well. I think that these heels are my current favourites with their heel giving them that 70s vibe. Again, drawn to sparkles like a magpie!

004: I don't drink tea, which means that my kitchen is therefore kind of lacking in a decent teapot. I reckon this would be the perfect one to rectify this issue - plus, it would make things easier when tea-drinkers come to visit. Well, it would if I also started remembering to buy milk...

005: George always seem to come up with the very best homewares. I'm really loving their cute animal cushions and thinking I could maybe swap out a couple of my most tired-looking older cushions and adorn my sofas with something new. 

006: This Kate Spade handbag would be the perfect thing to take on my Valentine's trip. Ach, I love it so much. 

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Life finds a way..


It's been kind of quiet around here for a little while. I guess I've been keeping something of a low profile whilst I focus on making things a little better. Step by step, I think I'm making progress. I have been turning my focus to the little things which make me happy and I've been grabbing onto the opportunities to try new things. 

I'm slowly but surely learning that actually, it's OK not to be busy every second of the day. Relaxing can be important and recently my weekend mornings have started off like this when I've been home. Coffee in my new favourite mug, a crafty project and my favourite cosy corner, made all the nicer by a handmade crochet blanket which one of my favourite Internet-come-real friends made for me for Christmas. 

I've been making slow progress with my current knitting project, which is a Hetty cardigan. I'm not in any real rush, though and I've been enjoying the making of it when I've had time to add to it. These are the best kinds of projects, I think - no point putting more unnecessary pressure on yourself for something which is supposed to be fun.

Triceratops Mug: NHM Shop*

This mug is kind of awesome. First of all, it's crazy huge which means you can fit more than half a cafetiere of coffee in it - a big plus for someone like me, who mainlines caffeine! It's also dishwasher safe, super cute, and shaped like a dinosaur, which is always a plus. I seem to have amassed such a collection of dinosaurs. Weird, no? I love that the NHM Gift Shop has a whole section on dinosaur related gifts on their site - just perfect for any dinosaur fan.  

Anyone else finding that concentrating on the little things make everything else seem better, lately?