Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Alice and Betty..

Fabric: Rifle Paper Co Wonderland fabric for Cotton & Steel, Cameos Green
I was thinking about my sewing projects lately, and how I seem to have slowed down my productivity levels so much over the past couple of years. Looking back over my handmade dresses, which I always share on my Instagram account, a few years back I was making upwards of fifty of sixty dresses per year. Last year, I think I managed just eight.
I don't think this has been a conscious decision so much as a result of circumstance. More commitments have meant I just don't get a lot of time at home to myself and I guess when I do, I spend those hours catching up on housework, errands and chores first and then split what's left between various hobbies and pastimes. And a string of makes which I ended up not really loving once they were done, made me fall out of love with dressmaking a little, I think.
But, over the past few weekends and some time off during the festive season, something seems to have shifted where I'm no longer trying to rush my way through making something just so that I can say it's finished and I can wear it. I'm taking a little more time about things - properly ironing and pressing where I'm meant to and finishing things like overlocked edges and hems much more neatly, even adding linings to most of what I'm making. 
I finished this dress a couple of weekends ago and have already worn it four times, because I really love how it turned out. Instead of rushing, I spent a little more time on this and tried to make sure everything was done neatly. I even hand-stitched every heart on the heart trim around the hem and the neckline so that it would stay nice and secure and because I thought machine stitches would end up looking too messy.
I picked up the fabric at one of the sewing shows I went to last year, having loved the C+S Alice collection but having ummed and ahhed about which print was my favourite, until it was almost too late and they were almost all sold out. I do really like this forest green background though. And I lucked out with finding this trim in my ribbon tin - I'd picked up a couple of metres on a whim whilst at the counter in my local haberdashery, with no idea what (if anything) I'd use it for, but I think it's worked rather nicely on this.
I think my efforts have paid off and I'm learning that it's okay to enjoy the process as much as the finished garment.

Pattern: Sew Over It Betty Dress


  1. I do think that is an excellent dress and you have done a very good job!!x

  2. a lovely dress Char. I like the idea of really spending time to make everything just so - I'm excited to do a bit more sewing this year.