Monday, 8 January 2018

Handmade is best..

Because it seems like quite a while since I last updated, I've collected together some photos of a few of the things I made over the festive period because I'm coming to the conclusion that handmade really is best.  I consciously made an effort not to try and commit to too many handmade presents because I find that I have less and less spare time to get things finished, but I made a few exceptions. This owl was something I made for a Secret Santa I was part of, where the only rule was that all presents must be handmade, so I raided our knitting books for something which my owl-loving recipient might like, and used it as a bit of a stash-buster, finishing off some scraps of wool from my collection, too. Double win.
These PJs were supposed to be a present for something else, before Xmas, but I didn't have a chance to make them when the fabric first arrived with me from Japan, so I squirrelled it away until December, where I made a fairly simple pair of pyjama trousers from a Simplicity pattern I've adapted over the years and added them to the present parcel I was sending to a friend.
I've always preferred sending handmade cards to shop-bought ones and that's a childhood tradition which doesn't seem to be showing any sign of subsiding. Some years I'll have a theme to stick to, but this year I took all of my card-making bits to Rangers and we just...made. This wool tree design was something I'd tried a similar thing to in the past with hearts, but I like how simple they look and made quite a few of these this year.
Another Christmas parcel staple for me - melted snowman bark. This is so simple to do and looks effective; just melt white chocolate and add Smarties, sugar carrots and sugar eyes, pretzels or matchmakers to look like twigs and arms - whatever you have to hand, really. Leave them to set overnight in the fridge and then break them up to send out in little bags. Always well-received!
Despite having plenty of festive frocks to wear already, I rediscovered this fabric in my trolley a little before Christmas and decided I wanted to try and get it made into a dress to wear over the holidays. I think I bought it in a closing down sale on a website at one point and then ran out of time last year. I went with the Mortmain pattern, which is a tried and tested one for me, and added a little bow from the leftover scraps to the waistband. I wore this on Christmas Day and a few others over the holidays and really like the festive kittens.
Have you made anything exciting lately? I have a couple of other things I'm excited to share but which I think require their own posts, as there are more photos of the various stages. Stay tuned for my take on Stick Man, my first pair of dungarees and what is possibly my favourite handmade dress so far in my dressmaking career....


  1. Everything is so lovely, especially the PJ bottoms and Christmas dress. You really are gifted when it comes to crafting. I did loads of crafting over Christmas, too; I made an Advent house, a bunch of pom pom wreaths, crackers, a couple of cross stitches, and started a gingerbread man garland with gingham hearts, but I haven't quite finished that one yet. xx

  2. Lovely makes. I'm going to remember (and make) the melted snowman bark for sure!

  3. You are a talented crafter! Are you aware of how talented you are? I'm always so impressed at all your makes and these are no exception! I wondered if you made the cute decoration you sent me. I've written you a card but it seems to have been mislaid at some point during the move- I'll find it eventually! Hope all is well with you!!Xx