Thursday, 3 May 2018

You're not a stone, bro..


Whilst I've closed my commission book lately when it comes to dressmaking, there are certain people who still get to request a little selfless sewing and I'm happy to oblige. Particularly when I get to request payment in the form of fabric. I've very recently discovered that yarn brand Katia have released some of their own fabrics as well.


I picked two - the first one being 1.5m of this super stripey crab print jersey, destined to become a Lady Skater dress. I cut it out as soon as it had dried after pre-washing, as I couldn't wait and wanted to make sure it was done in time for this weekend's trip to the seaside. (I'm ignoring the fact that the weather is due to be horrendous.)


Somewhat fortuitously, I found this little crab patch in one of the sewing boxes. I often forget what I've collected over the years so it can often come as a surprise. I decided that there would probably never be a more perfect use for him, and stitched him in place, top left.
In case that wasn't enough crabs, I also dug out this cute little bag, which I'll definitely be using this weekend. 


  1. That is so so cute!!!!x

  2. That dress looks beautiful- well done! The bag and patch are super cute, too. xx