Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Dior: Designer of Dreams {part 4}..

I'm sure that most people have probably been to this exhibition by now, but I'm still partway through ALL of the photos I took during my visit. Into the next room, which looked to take inspiration for it's looks from a mixture of different cultures and countries.

IMG_7496 IMG_7497 IMG_7498

Although both the lighting in the room and the mannequins were darkly coloured, I think that added to the effect of making the colour and detail on the garments themselves stand out. The first thing I noticed upon entering the room was the most amazing turquoise coloured outfit, constructed entirely from leather and from the 2004 show. Very ancient Egyptian influenced.



This one looked so floaty with all of it's chiffon layers; with the red corsage at the waist I couldn't help but think of flamenco: the kind of thing you might see on stage in a production of Carmen.. ?


The one-shouldered gown was probably my favourite thing in this room; ethereal and dreamlike, straight from a fairytale. Again, amazing use of texture with the infinite layers of tulle and floral embellishments. 


I was super into the headpieces shown with these outfits, too. This headscarf, for instance, with the addition of the largest earrings. I don't think my ears could cope with those, but they'd certainly make a statement.


I adore this shiny two-piece set as well. I love cardigans or jackets over full-skirted dresses; there's something so 50s and feminine about a twinset and the shape of these is so elegant. 

Onwards, to the next room of wonder.

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  1. HOW wonderful these are. I LOVE that ethereal dress!