Thursday, 8 August 2019

Irregular Choice Tonkasaurus Rex review..


I guess if I had to do one of those post-it note lists of things I most like in the world, two of the things which would heavily feature would be Irregular Choice, and dinosaurs. So, imagine my excitement when I saw the photos for this new release, last week. 


As soon as it arrived I couldn't wait to tear off the packaging and get outside to take some photos. There is SO much detail to look at. 


First of all, the size. This is described as a weekend bag, and I'd say that's pretty accurate. If you were travelling pretty light I'd say you could probably use it as a weekend bag. (It's measurements, for those of you who are technical like that are h33 x w17 x l43 ) It seems to have around the same capacity as the Candy Jem backpack (whose dimensions are h40 x w12 x l35), but obviously landscape rather than portrait and this one has a shoulder strap, which can be detached, rather than rucksack straps. I've happily used my Candy Jem for a weekend in Belfast and managed to fit several pairs of shoes in there, as well as clothes. 


The inner compartment is cavernous with a smaller zipped pocket (usually my passport pocket if I'm travelling somewhere), and the usual IC fabric owl tag. The lining fabric is a purple leopard print velour, reminiscent of the shoe linings we've been seeing in this season's offerings. 


So, what about the design itself? Well, on the front we've got a myriad of glitter, sequins and embroidery. The main design elements of course are the four dinosaurs, all of which are made from sequins. They're standing (or flying) in front of grass, a lake and a volcano, which seems to be erupting with some amazing neon green glitter lava and producing lots of fluffy pink smoke. 


Even the ground sections are made up of layers of differing textures and finishes. The hills and some of the tropical leaves just underneath the pterodactyl are embroidered in different shades of green stitching and the grass section next to the lake is almost Astroturf-like to the touch. 


As for the top and the back of the bag? Well, it's making use of the wonderful multi-coloured dinosaur print we've seen used before on Doctor Dino, Fraggle and Steposaurus, to name a few. On the base of the bag and the bottom half of each side panel, we've got a lemon yellow PU with a finish I'd describe as pearlescent. 


The handles at the centre top are purple, in a kind of reptile-look finish PU, and the bag also comes with a shoulder strap which is in the dinosaur print fabric to match the back and sides. The shoulder strap is adjustable, so that you can lengthen to suit. 


Honestly, I think this may be one of my favourite Irregular Choice items, ever. I'm trying to save it for a good occasion to let it feature in my #365daysofirregularchoice challenge (which you can follow on my Instagram page). 


  1. You'd almost think this bag had been specifically designed for you, it's such a Char bag! Other than the obvious (dinosaurs and glitter!!) I like that it comes with an adjustable shoulder strap. I always get fed up carrying larger bags so it's nice to have a hands free option.