Wednesday, 22 April 2020

The library island.. *

Home improvement can be a bit of a chore, can't it?! When we moved in to our current house, it was accepted that whilst we 'd love to change everything, it's just not practical to do it all right away. There's a list, with the biggest priorities coming first. 


At the top of the stairs is a funny little gallery landing space, so typical of this era of housing. Yes, it's wallpaper and carpet and everything else are pretty dated, but it makes the most logical sense to wait until bedroom and bathrooms are renovated (as there's bound to be bumps and knocks to the walls when things are going in and out of those rooms) and decorate the stairs, landing and hallways as a final touch. So (much to my dismay) the textured paper has to stay for a little while longer. 

Ocean Meets Sky Library Islands poster: Photowall*

We switched up some furniture downstairs after redecorating the living room and it meant I was left with a barely used chaise lounge, which it seemed a shame to get rid of. I figured that I could turn the landing space into a little reading area, rescuing one of the old hand-me-down bookshelves from our to-go pile and filling it with a few of the books. 


The space seemed much better utilised, but I'd been agonising about what to do with the blank wall above the radiator (long term plans involve bespoke bookcases the length of that wall, but they're not scheduled for a while yet). 
So, when Photowall got in touch with me recently to ask if we could work together, it seemed like fate and I jumped at the chance to find something which would work in that space. This was no easy task as their website is huuuuge and there is so much to choose from. It also seems as though pretty much every design could be printed as posters, canvas prints or even wallpaper. There's even an option to upload your own photos for printing. 


I picked this design as it featured books and also birds and creatures, and the colours seem to fit nicely with the reading nook; my very own library island. It took less than a week to arrive with me from Sweden, which I thought was pretty impressive considering the current postal conditions. The quality is great too. Once we'd unrolled it and flattened it out for a few days, we fitted the wooden batons to the top and bottom (it comes with super simple instructions for this) and hung it up. I think it finishes off this little space pretty well. 

Photowall have very kindly given me a discount code to share with you. trexandtiaras2020 will give 25% any Photowall order until the end of May 2020.

Thank you to Photowall for providing me with this poster in exchange for my honest thoughts and review post.