Friday, 30 October 2009

just a small town girl, living in a lonely world..

was fairly disappointed with the polo film festival, it was mamma mia, which i've seen before and wouldn't have chosen to see again..but a cheap night out nonetheless and a chance to wear my popcorn necklace by tatty devine which has been in the box since i got it last year...

last night's oufit for the cinema consisted of a blue floral print prom dress from topshop last year, the recent green shrug from h&m a few weeks back, and the neclkace, with a black h&m bag, and my indigo primark suede boots..basically thrown together in a mad rush as i only had about 5 mins to get ready..
similarly this morning i woke up late, so decided to go for "intentionally-messy" hair, and the dress i got in the sale last week from miss selfridge, to try it out..have teamed it with the black satiny shrug jacket from peacocks, grey tights and blue pixie boots, with a chunky blue river island necklace..have actually got the officially worst headache ever!!! :(

Thursday, 29 October 2009

the story never changes, just the names and faces..

another fun night for the week, as i went bowling last night for the first time in ages, it's been a fab week so far for cheering me up after a miserable weekend and off to the cinema this evening with no idea what the film will be, as it's the "polo timeless film festival"..i voted for my fave film from the shortlist, but they only show the winner..will let you know :)

anyway, yesterday evening was a bit of a rush, had to pop to my parents house to pick up the post etc for them whilst they are away, and then rush back to shower and change etc for bowling, so no actual pic of my worktime outfit in action, but have pictured it on the hanger..i decided to paint my nails "Love" by 17 at Boots, and in a stroke of luck whilst searching for ebayable items, found a pair of glitter heels in the same colour which i had forgotten i even had - as usual!! so i toned the rest of the outfit down, with a rose print dress from h&m (ah, the opening of the local store draws ever nearer!) and a long grey shrug, bought from matalan by my mother at the weekend for me, it's almost as long as the dress and i wasn't sure i liked it at first, but i do now..they also had it in a tempting blue colour..

yesterday evening's outfit was based around a get cutie skirt i used to wear a lot, but found again when i was sorting out my skirt-suitcase the other day, with bowling pin print fabric!! so, i teamed that with a black top and leggings, and put my hair up as it was still wet, and added a red polka dot cropped blouse with a pussybow, for a rockabilly twist..was quite pleased with how it turned out, and the fact that my hair managed to stay in place through two games of bowling, one of which i won with a fabulous score of 144 points, to make up for my abysmal loss in the first game, and then drinks with one of my friends, who convinced me to apply for a new job - all good :)

today's outfit is the same shoes (i think it may be a historical moment, and the first time i have EVER worn the same shoes for two days in a row - sad, i know!!), but as i kept the nails the same and wasn't feeling very inspired this morning, what can you of my fave ever dresses, new look i believe, via ebay from my ex whilst he was being lovely (a long time ago), and a purpley longline shrug, also from new look..quite liked the way my hair turned out last nite so tried to replicate..

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

well, I know a thing about contrition, because i got enough to spare.. start off this post, last night i went to the bingo with a friend, for the first time, outfit shown here..the skirt is a few years old now, with random patterns of horses, stars and balloons, from h&m ( talking of which, i'm super excited at the fact that there is a shrewsbury store opening next month - i will never leave, it's definitely one of my fave stores!), which i have teamed with my new perfume bottle tee from river island, a vintage-esque scarf from accessorize, and a bright blue hair bow to go with my crayola blue nails and matching accessorize jewel ring..the greeny shrug is from new look, found again at the weekend as i forgot i owned it, and i added a matching teal beret for leaving the house as it was rainy..much bingo fun though, i won £5 so in all a cheap night out!!

today's outfit is rather seasonal for the halloweeny/bonfire nighty time of year that is upon us (i think)..i love this time of year for the chunky knitted cardis and accessories that are around, i keep getting drawn into accessorize to drool over mittens and scarves, and i am seriously coveting the panda beanie hat in river island (check the website - it's instantly recognisable!) - so much so that my mum has promised to get it for christmas for me..
anyway, today's skirt i'm particularly proud of, it's made from some vintage halloween fabric, in a really simple circle skirt pattern, but so perfect for this time of year..i've put it with a pair of plain black leggings and a black tshirt, so as not to detract too much from the halloweeny pattern, and then my chunky mustard cardigan from peacocks, a mustard bracelet from primark, and a long chain with an articulated russian doll enamel pendant from accessorize ( a gift from my mum last time we were shopping together)..i've also added the blue hair bow again as my nails are still yesterday's fabby blue (bought some nail polish at the weekend as it was on offer at boots and i needed cheering up)..have finished the outfit with my trusty blue pixie boots from office, which do seem to be getting a lot of wear now that the weather has turned colder..
the final pic is more of a reminder to myself, to sort out my necklaces and hairbands - some of which i keep in the wallhanger as pictured, all part of the great wardrobe tidy up!! i was pleased with this, saw it in a gift shop and thought it would be perfect for necklace storage - esp. the beaded ones that don't tangle so easily..
also to go on my mental to-do list, i need to make a start on halloween costumes..

Friday, 23 October 2009

burning bridges, making wishes..

have had such a crazy busy day at work today, only just managing to have a breather now and eat my lunch, although that's fine as my appetite has far from returned to me and i still feel sick almost all the time..maybe time to arrange a trip to the doctors???

anyway, i will add some pics of yday's outfit, and then today's, as i fell behind a bit on the's outfit was centred round the red lipstick (i always seem to pick the most random little detail and then build an outfit around it - a bit backward, i know)..
the grey dress was a bargain from the monsoon sale back in january, only one left and (kinda) my size, but i have lost a few pounds since then, and it fits much better now..i love the volume it takes from it's built in petticoat..

the black cardi needs replacing - so i now have a reason to go to the shops this weekend, as i wear it a lot recently and the right sleeve is starting to unravel..will try and find a similar one in primark i think..

the irregular choice shoes of the day are one of my favourite pairs, pale pale pink with underwear print on, and i love the clashing contrast between the pink and red..i love these so much that i bought a back-up pair when they relaunched the style last year (with a more pointy toe, which i don't like as much), and also have the flat slingback version, and two (!) of the matching clutch bag..maybe i'll ebay the spare one..when the postal strikes are over anyway..

i have officially no weekend plans, which usually would be a cause for concern, but as i still feel ill, i am actually rather looking forward to being able to just catch up on the sewing and crafty projects that i've been putting to the bottom of the list for so long..and there's always the imminent wardrobe clearout..grrr!

one of the projects, as i wandered through accessorize the other day, i decided to replicate this, as i absolutely love it, but it's completely impractical as a scarf (according to my mother who was with me at the time) and probably not worthy of the accessorize price tag, but i figure it should be fairly easy to make - remembering back to making pompoms as a little girl!!

Thursday, 22 October 2009

a compromise would surely help the situation, agree to disagree, but disagree to part..

we seem to be currently experiencing the worst downpour yet this year, which, considering i've had a miserable depressed day so far, has filled me with an inexplicable desire to go for a walk in the rain..need something to cheer me up, still full of cold, and have been crying at my desk all afternoon, but not sure why -that's the worst part!!

will have to add today's outfit photo later as i was in a rush this morning and didn't have chance to take one, but it is a baby pink and white pinstripe dress, ltd ed. from miss selfridge a couple of yrs back, and grey tights, shoes and cardi..i'm always conscious of how short this dress is, so kept the accessories to a minimum this morning, with just a pink bangle..quite happy with it though! had completely forgotten about these shoes as well, until a pair of my useless primark pumps broke the other day, and i had to find some more grey flats in my flats drawers..i remember falling for them in office a couple of years ago, and my ex sneaking back to get them for my bday as a surprise - he was hopeless at subtle though so it was quite amusing :)

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

i've got a hand inside my head, a chainsaw cutting through my bed..

still under the weather with this cold, which only started yesterday so i oughtn't really be did at least mean i dressed to cheer myself up a little today, and i've been working hard all day, so at least i've not had time to think about it too much..

found a bag and a skirt that i haven't seen / used for ages at the wales house at the weekend - it's fab as i have a whole wardrobeful of clothes there which i hardly ever see / wear, so it's like a new load of things everytime i go, i tend to forget everything!! this bag was from primark ages ago, and i think it goes well with the colours in today's skirt, along with the colourful topshop ring which i feel draws the rest of the outfit together..
due to being in a rush this morning, i put my hair up using a heap of vintage grips and clips, and teamed the skirt with a t-shirt i found in river island last week, covered in sparkly little perfume bottle print which i loved, and a cropped satin blazer-type shrug, complete with this season's shoulder pads, which was originally from peacocks last year, in a panic-buy before my graduation to find something to wear over my dress..shoe-wise, the simple blue pixie boots from office, for comfort and in case of rain..

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

i got a first class ticket to a night all alone, and a front row seat up right by the phone..

feeling a bit blue this morning, couldn't sleep and have got a cold, which is making me feel awful - shivering one minute, too warm the next..but i figured i'd be better off at work, rather than sitting at home on my own..

took a pic of the rest of yday's outfit when i got home last night, so have added that here, and also today's, which is not very inspired, just a wool tunic dress, which i saw on the tv and tried to track down on the web, and then happened to find in a boutiquey store in my town!! (had to have it there and then!), just with some black tights and boring primark pumps, as i have a mega blister on my foot from yday's boots :(

Monday, 19 October 2009

i'm like a victim and all that you need is an alibi..

well, i've just come back to work from a lovely few days away to catch up with both my sister and my thoughts..went to an all american rejects concert on thursday evening (they are my favourite band), and then had a relaxing weekend of shopping with my sis in our holiday house, involving a new dinosaur for my collection (charity shop), a lengthy bike-ride, and some sewing i've been meaning to catch up on for ages..also went to see Up, at the flicks, which was fab :)

most importantly, the weekend away from the usual people gave me a chance to reflect on my recent relationship break-up, and realise how badly i've allowed people to treat me..

i only have a couple of outfit posts from the last few days, but here goes anyway..

gig outfit - Topshop fairy grey / black mini skirt, which is short, but has masses of layers, which i think i can get away with over leggings (i have to admit i have this same skirt in three other colours, and i don't think i've ever worn them, i don't get on too well with short short skirts, although i think the gradual weight-loss / confidence-gain is helping that a little)..the green All American Rejects tee was from an earlier gig, and the hairband from the Topshop sale a year or so ago..with a Primark cardi and pumps, so as it didn't matter when they got covered in beer etc..

Sunday shopping outfit with sis - we found this kitschy little puffball dress in the george @ Asda sale for £4, cute milkshake print, and just the one left in my size - it had to be done, and i was so excited i wore it the next day..with the bright bubblegum pink beret, £3 and pink pumps, £1 (sale) found in Primark on our spree before the gig..the bag is new too,£4 (i think), cardi as before..

today's outfit is yet to be photographed, but i will edit as necessary, and describe now anyway..mustard cotton skirt with cream paisley print, from Tesco (i'm not a clothes snob!) black leggings and cardi, pale gold vest (New Look) with a huge cream and gold chain effect necklace and gold bangle, and most importantly, gold 'Spatz' ankle boots, by Irregular Choice, naturally..

also, the mock croc vintage handbag i had from the charity shop haul the other day, which i have today realised i only paid £2.99 for, as she must have mis-read the £12.99 price tag - must go back!! Ooh, and a pair of taupe woolen fingerless gloves, from accessorize's sale last year, but i only cut off the tags this absolutely LOVING big chunky knitted accessories at the moment!!

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

please just don't play with me, my paper heart will bleed..

as a trade-off for leaving early, i had to be in the office obscenely early this morning, so dressed up to cheer myself up a little's not all bad though, as i'm off to wales this afternoon for the rest of the week, to see my sister, and she's joining me to see my favourite band at a concert tomorrow night, so i'm rather excited..need to get home and pack though!!

outfit today consists of a kitsch doll and polka dot print skirt from one of the ranges at new look, via ebay, and i must admit i've never seen another..and totally love it..i've teamed it with lilac accessories, the beret is from river island, primark top and the shawl was years ago at matalan, and was worn to my school prom..i love the colour of this shrug, bought a couple of wks ago from h&m..

the usual wardrobe staple, leggings, and another of the Irregular Choice pairs..these were via ebay too, and a size bigger than they were sold as, but i have managed to find some insoles to make them manageable..ooh and the mittens i found yday for £1.25 in the red cross shop :)

also, rather pleased that the first stage of my wardrobe sorting has been done, i finally got hold of a clothes rail, and have used it to hang (most of) my skirts, in order that i can actually see what i have got - quite a few to sell, and better than the suitcase where they have been stored until now..i love when you discover clothes you'd forgotten about - it's almost better than shopping!!

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

all the ants were fancy-dancing with the fleas..

today has been a rather positive day, i have got a lot of work done, and am well ahead of schedule, so taking a couple of minutes out to create a quick post..also remembered to take my outfit pic this morning too, but excuse the fact my hair was still damp as i was in a bit of a rush..

i love today's dress, florals are fab any time, but this came from one of the charity shops in my town, and cost an entire £4-00!! i love it for it's wartime chic vibe, and have teamed it with various pearly bracelets, co-ordinating bangles from river island this summer sale, and pearl studs..also what is possibly my favourite pair of Irregular Choice shoes (this week anyway!)..turquoise and pink with gorgeous cute little bugs on exception to the no-kitten-heels rule as i generally can't stand the style of kitten heels on my massive feet :X

speaking of charity shop bargains, i popped into town this lunchtime in order to try and find some material to make my halloween costume, and was sidetracked by the charity shops on the same street..i ended up with a vintage sewing box, a lovely rose print pyrex mixing bowl (perfect timing as i am making my xmas cake this evening) and a pair of mittens, two vintage jacques vert handbags and a parisienne print for the flat..all for £25 so was fairly happy, even when my material hunt didn't go well at all..

Monday, 12 October 2009

we were just two kids that took the moment when it was there..

despite my big intentions for the wardrobe room, i'm afraid my weekend was one of procrastination and i didn't get much of the list crossed off..which means this evening will be a busy weekend was one of reminiscing, following a break up with my former other half on saturday and then a random call from Tanzania from an ex, so i tried to lose myself and my thoughts in music, i always find that some song lyrics jump out at me when i'm feeling down..

today's outfit hasn't been pictured yet, so i will add it tomorrow, and the weekend wasn't really pictured either, so i shall post a few recent outfits from the last week for today instead..

this is the outfit i wore last week for dinner with my mum at a local italian..the strapless prom dress is by eucalyptus, via a little boutique in my town, and i love the shocking pink net layer underneath!! i teamed it with some black leggings and a black cardi, to dress down the huge pink carousel earrings from Topshop, and the Near Miss heels from Office..

the next outfit, was one day at work last week, i bought the rose print skirt from H&M in January, but i'm not convinced i like it, so wore it both for work with black accessories and a vintage belt, and then teamed it with a recent purchase - dino tshirt from New Look, and a sequin beret, to do my errands

after work..the blue pixie boots were from Office, the last pair in the sale last year and a tiny scuff on them, so managed to talk the assistant into taking £10 for them, rather than the £20 price tag..

Friday, 9 October 2009

it's a new day..but it all feels old..

really haven't found that "friday feeling" yet..i think i need to get rid of some of the stresses in my life as my head never seems to stop hurting recently..

the weather forecast says it will be rainy today, so i took that into account and chose some relatively suitable footwear, and then added the rest of the outfit around that..the boots are old Irregular Choice ones, I like the 80s feel to them, whilst the dress was from the Peacocks sale earlier this year, but this it it's first wear, and i'm not entirely convinced i like it..the black cardigan seems to be my most-worn item of clothing recently, it was £25 from Topshop over a year ago, but since then had been worn for many bar shifts, and many days at the office as it seems to go with everything..

my plans this evening are to have a massive sort through of my wardrobe its a MESS!!

in response to various queries, i am adding a pic of some of my Irregular Choice's grown a lot since a year ago, when this picture was taken!!

Thursday, 8 October 2009

damn girl..dry your eyes..

not a good start to the day this morning, have just discovered that the standing order i set up on my online banking 5 months ago has NOT been paying my council tax as i i'm behind with that, and the bank are not exactly forthcoming with finding my money..feel like crying, but that's not inkeeping with my recent positive i'm being strong..

today's outift isn't really helping me either..i'm not quite happy with it..

the top was a birthday present, it's from Next, and has a floaty shape and a tie at the back of the neck, and a low cut back - really love the print on it, and russian dolls seem to be around at the moment..

the skirt is from primark several years back, blue leopard print on a grey background, and has the obligatory tulle net layer underneath for volume!

then the cardi and boots, same as yday..beaded necklace from H&M whilst i was at uni, and i finished it off with a black bow in my problematic hair..

did have quite a productive evening last night, finally finished turning some fimo creations into jewellery, as they've been sat around for ages..see the cupcake earrings which i made and put onto studs, finally..may make some more for xmas presents as i'm pleased with how they turned out..

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

i'm the narrator and this is just the prologue..

finally, and after much first post..
i suppose i ought to start with a basic introduction, as i plan for this blog to be an outlet for my (sometimes rocky) emotions, and also act as an insight into my world..which is sometimes mad to say the least!!

so ten things about me to start with -

  • my name is char, and i am a complete and utter shopaholic

  • i love dinosaurs - they are just cool..

  • i have more than enough shoes to wear a different pair every day of the year! Irregular Choice, mostly; they are my vice.

  • i'm 22 years old, and a gemini

  • i have a law degree, but my job has nothing to do with that..

  • i never wear trousers (pj's don't count)..

  • i have suffered from bipolar disorder for a few years now, which can be only described as "an experience"

  • i never manage to stay awake through an entire film - i always fall asleep at the cinema or on the sofa at home

  • i manage to pick up song lyrics almost instinctively, and sing along to everything - radio, cd, out loud as i listen to my ipod down the street (!)

  • i love to make dresses, skirts and bags in my spare time, from vintage fabrics..

i plan to post an outfit with each post, as i really love to build outfits!! i'll start with today's..

the dress was a Tesco find a few weeks back - i liked the colour and the random drawstring effect on the hem..

the rest of the outfit was part of my Primark spree last weekend, long chunky knit dark blue cardi, black leggings (which seem to be my wardrobe staple at the moment) and some indigo suede boots, which have studs all over £35 they were hardly cheap for Primark, but i plan to make them a regular feature in this winter's outfits..