Thursday, 26 November 2009

she lives in a fairy tale somewhere too far for us to find..

i have to say thank you to laura at adaisychaindream for my first award, and also this tag, which i have filled in for a bit fo fun..reminds me of the emails that used to go round in college ("fill this in or you will never find true love" etc etc lol)..but it's filled in anyway..

1.Where is your cell phone right now? on my desk at work, stubbornly refusing to ring..

2.Your hair: dark brown, today straightened by my lovely friend ellen who visited last night

3.Your father: wants the best for me, and is not as scary as one might think..

4.Favorite Food: recently very into gnocchi, with goats cheese, spinach and butternust squash

5.Last night: i went to a cocktail training session at work

6.Favorite drink: dark cherry mocha from starbucks, this week anyway..

7.What room are you in? my office

8.Hobby: making dresses, jewellery and other pretty - does that count??

9.Fear: feeling lost and alone :(

10.Where were you last night? learning to make colourful cocktails..

11.Something that you aren’t: skinny enough..

12.Muffins: not really a fan, but sometimes a skinny peach one from starbucks..

13.Wish List item: irregular choice definitely maybe boots..or anything irregular choice for that matter..

14.Where did you grow up? near to where i live now..

15.What are you wearing? a dress, and silver irregular choice shoes :) a grey beret

16.Your pets: in the office, four goldfish..

17.Friends: i choose few, but strong friendships over lots of shallow ones..

18.Sometimes you’re not wearing: trousers..never ever!!

19.Favorite Store: currently? h& store just opened - late night shopping next week!!

20.Favorite color: often pink

21.Last time you laughed: yesterday evening

22.Your best friend: is one of the biggest parts of my life..

23.Place you go over and over: the gym..the library..and lots of charity / junk shops..

24.Person who emails you regularly: my lovely sister, who i miss whilst she's at uni :(

25.Favorite place to eat: anywhere, so long as the company is good and the music not too loud..

in addition to the tag, i promised the lovely jen at alittlebirdtoldme, that i would take some pics of my wardrobe room, to make her worry less about the mess in one of her here i've added some..i tend to have a tidy up / clear out once a week or so, in case there is anything i have grown fed up of and feel like selling on, and to try and keep it all in some kind of order..but it's still all a giant mess 99% of the time!!

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

you'll always be my bring on the rain..

i had to rack my brains at the weekend for some flood-appropriate footwear, but managed to dig out these IC's which i haven't worn before, which are leather and therefore nice and waterproof..i threw the rest of the outfit together around the boots, the bright pink shrug a favourite from h&M as it's so nice and snug, along with a polka dot skirt, leggings and a grey tshirt with skull detail, all of which were also h&m bargains..i was glad to have a nice bright outfit on, considering the majority of the weekend was spent working in boring black..

whilst on the subject of h&m, the new shrewsbury store opened last week, which was quite exciting..i managed to pop in on the weekend and there were lots of lovely dresses and sparkly scarves, and a lot of chunky knits at half price, so roll on pay day, when i shall definitely be returning!!

the boots made a comeback in today's outfit, as the grounds are getting more and more flooded around where i live, so i was anticipating puddles..i did take some altogether more sensible grey pumps with pink flowers on for the day, but i think the outfit lent itself to both types of footwear..the dress was a bargainous £4 from george a month or so ago, and i love the kitschy milkshake print..and the cardi also happened to be from george, longer ago, but i seem to have a thing for bows at the moment and the colourscheme fitted together well..

Monday, 23 November 2009

i just cant resist you, it's not enough to say that i miss you..

this first outfit was from last thurs, when i spent a couple of days leave in my parents' holiday home, and therefore just relaxed, which i hadn't realised was quite so overdue..the dress is a strapless prom number from warehouse, the bow print neck scarf a bargainous £1 from peacocks (present from my sis a few wks ago) and the satin cropped blazer becoming a regular feature..i teamed this lot with the indigo studded primark boots, which are in need of a resole already!!

the next outfit is actually a different dress, although a do notice i seem drawn to the same / similar ones..this floral mini was from topshop earlier in the year, which i have dressed with a pair of lace leggings, and a pair of black legwarmers (!), a chunky (although stupidly impractical due to being sleeveless) green primark cardi, and the charity shop bargain kelly bag for a lazy sunday after a lie-in..did have a rather productive evening in the end with the sewing machine, and also some baking :)

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

when i close my eyes i'm going out of my head..lost in a fairytale..

ugh, i've been feeling in a very purpley depressive mood recently, although i do feel that things are getting less difficult, however i haven't been sleeping for a while, i figured a late night tesco trip wouldn't go amiss, so headed there for some essentials about 11.30 last night, and was drawn to this long floral top, in shades of purple..i'm usually not a fan of tshirts, i have a few cute cartoony motif ones from new look etc, but other than that it's band tshirts, as i hate tshirts that are too short, so find that the oversized band ones which i pick up at gigs are perfect for sleeping in and the gym..this time i made an exception, and it definitely has the length issue under control..i started out with a h&m cream skirt with purple patterns on, but ended up with this grey skull print one, also from h&m several years ago..i then added the long grey shrug, and a pair of poetic licence purple shoe boots, which i swapped for some purple flat pumps for the trek uphill into town at lunch to rush through my errands..not sure if the other skirt would have been better after all..

Monday, 16 November 2009

all i want for christmas is you..

..but, since that won't happen, i figure a more materialistic take on things is called for..

i know it's probably too early for an xmas reference, but i've ended up with quite a fair balance in my paypal account, from various ebay sales and surveys, and want to try and cheer myself up by treating i had a quick look through all my favourites links, and figure one of the following..
miss selfridge have a lovely range of party dresses in at the moment, the strapless sequin skirted prom dress is a tried and tested classic style, and the cute lace layered one below looks fab in the pics (they have it in a tempting purple as well), although i can't help wondering just how flattering that cut would be on anyone who doesn't resemble a rake..

my possible favourite of the lot is the 7 curses dress from all saints..i fell for it when it was first in store, but £150 was more than i could afford to spend on a dress at the time, although it's down to a more friendly £95 now and back in stock on the website..
i tried on the blue coat in white stuff last week, and love the polka dot pattern of the fabric, but was not happy with the sizing, as it's pretty big and they didn't have the size below in's a thin material for a winter coat, but that would suit me as i always seem to be too warm in a thick woolen number..
really liking the cameo print topshop have in at the moment as part of their "jubillee" collection..there was a cute dress which i had earmarked for payday, but had sold out by then, so i am happy to settle for the bag which i think would look great with some of the more gothic inspired pieces around at the moment, in an attempt to quirk them up a little..
really liking the idea of a pair of real leather flat boots at the moment, and was really taken with the button detail on this new look pair..they're also really reasonably priced for real leather boots, at only £55, so definitely an investment in my opinion..
another fab party dress (as that's really what my wardrobe is calling out for!), this time from topshop..they have this one in nude and black fabric too, but i really like the lavender..and it's the popular holly style pattern, which i have in a few other colours and really like, so this one's probably a definite!!!
really got a thing about gothic-y lacey items at the momenrt, which is weird for me as i tend to shy away from black as a going out colour..i've worked in enough bars etc that black clothes have become a kind of work uniform, which is probably the reason i usually dress in such out-there colourful combinations..but that said, i tried on this lace cardi / shrug in dorothy perkins yesterday, and it hangs very well, and looks like the perfect accessory for updating that last season's dress to fit in with this winter's trends..which is a bargain at £25 in anyone's book..
next up, a make i hadn't come across until recently, ruby belle, as stocked on the fever website..i happened to flick through a trade catalogue, as my friend has a local shop and was thinking of stocking some new lines, and really loved this dress - the kitschy toadstool print just jumped out at me from the page so i set about tracking it down on the £44.99 it's reasonably priced to compete with the likes of topshop and miss selfridge, but a little less mainstream, which works for me..
all that said, i am maybe swaying towards this chunky long cardi from miss selfridge - i've been in and tried it on more than once, just to keep checking they haven't sold out in my local store..i like the oatmealy background, as it lends itself to being teamed with a range of other colours..and the pinky and silver sections have more of a sparkle to them in the flesh, which is good for curling up on the chaise lounge with a good book now that the weather is starting to get that much worse..
so i haven't managed to come any closer to a decision yet..

Friday, 13 November 2009

i feel like i'm living the worst day, over and over again..

i must admit i haven't had the best few days..very tearful, down to a number of reasons, but am feeling a lot more positive today, as i have a busy weekend ahead of me again, which at least gives me plenty of other things to think about..

was having a route through one of my wardrobes this morning, and came across this dress i had bought from a vintage shop in london in january this year..totally love it, but still need to lose a couple of pounds before it will fit comfily enough to wear for a day at work, i have only worn it once so far, the day i bought it as we went to a gig that evening, and just remember it being a little tight on the waist..i LOVE vintage shopping for the quality and cuteness of the garments, but the sizing always makes me feel like a whale!!

in the end, today's outfit was a simple brown dress from h&m, a great buy at the time,but the first time i wore it i managed to smear makeup on it, which means there's a small pale brown mark i can't shift, and an oily patch, neither of which have washed out through numerous washes, so i always have to remember it needs covering up with a cardi..this purple one was from primark last winter but i have never worn it, so i decided it was time to take the tags off and try it out..i like it, although its a bit frustrating to do up as the buttons are only at the top, which makes it a bit cape-like and doesn't do much for the shape..

have teamed the whole lot with a pair of opaque turquoise tights, in true daisychain style, to pick up the detail in the cardi, and pearl and turquoise beads, purple flat shoes and a purple bangle..the leopard coat is my best charity shop find ever, it was £10, and i obviously thought it was faux fur, but having taken it to be repaired along the dodgy seams (i didn't want to try and do it myself, i was advised it was genuine..and obviously worth far more than £10!)..i don't want to get into the whole fur debate, whilst i don't mind fur, i didn't actually think it was genuine when i bought it..

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

i cant wait till my heart mends, so i can finally go outside..

unitl just last night, i guess i hadn't noticed just how much i had been letting certain people take advantage of me..not in an obvious way, but taking advantage nonetheless..the realisation made me reconsider certain "friendships" and that i can change things in order to make my life more positive..which i am in the process of doing, finally..enough musing..

anyway, a busy weekend, involving starting my new bar job, a remembrance sunday service with my guides unit, and picking up a sofa for a saturday was spent with an attempted lie-in, and then a wander into town to meet a friend for coffee, so i went with a cute strapless lily print dress from the floral frocks range at oasis a couple of years ago, which i wore with the greeny shrug from h&m which is fast becoming a wardrobe favourite..i then added to it a pair of irregular choice flat cowboy boots, with a floral coat from primark and a primark beret as it was raining by the time i came to leave the house..

the following afternoon, upon return from the remembrance service, i had a bit of a mini wardrobe clearout, and came across a pair of city shorts i haven't seen in years..i am aware that in my first post here, i confessed that i never ever wear trousers, which is true for the last two years at least, but i must admit i was intrigued, and decided to have a mess around to see how i could style them..
in the end i went with a pair of black opaque tights (i've never understood the trousers/shorts and tights thing before, but i guess it makes sense for cold weather), with the perfume print river island tshirt, which i must admit has not fared well - it's only been worn and washed twice, at 30, but a lot of the colours have really faded, so i'm pretty disappointed with it..the mustard beret was a charity shop find on saturday, which i was pleased with as i'm really liking mustard tones this autumn! i didn't get as far as wearing them out as i'm not really happy with them, so think this calls for ebay..i think this evening i will have a proper go through the wardrobes as i know there are things i have never worn / will never wear again, and this mental turning point in my life is a good time for a physical one too, getting rid of all the old things and making room for new..
yesterday's work outfit was a bargain dress from the remains of the miss selfridge sale on saturday bought as a compromise, because i also fell for a blakc lace layered dress and a chunky oatmeal cardi with pink and grey details, both at £45 each, which i didn't feel my bidget could stretch to..i liked the greyish blue tone, and the understated floral print, and thought it would lend itself well to silvery accessoried, like the scarf and the sequin beret, along with silver cardi, and earlier on some silver mittens..

my work outfit today is kinda nautical-inspired..or "nautique" as my mother and i used to laugh over..the tshirt is a simple stripey one from h&m, with a cute pocket detail on the front, which i was really drawn to for some reason, as i usually don't go for anything plain..the skirt is a navy blue new look one with white anchor detail..just seen is a black cropped sequin waistcoat, from h&m years ago, which i remember begging my ex to buy me for xmas (i thought it was amazing, he was thinking ringmaster in circus!), with a black cardi on top and the usual black leggings and scarf..the shoes, not in the picture, are some simple blue and white striped pumps from primark with a red bow on the front, which is why i went for the red beads as well as the pearls to finish it off..and also a pair of dark blue anchor earrings from topshop..

Friday, 6 November 2009

just sleep, the hardest part is letting go of your dreams..

..this could be a long post, as i haven't been about for a few days, so quite a few outfits etc to share..

first off, the other day i braved a pink lace bodysuit, which i picked up in the primark sale for £2 recently, and then had a bit of a mental block as to what to wear it with..after some conferrring with my mum (a great fan of bodysuits the first time round) who suggested this floral bralet, in the end, i decided to dress it down under a primark jersey pinafore, with some leggings and a pair of flat irregular choice pumps with ballet style ties around the ankles which are so comfy and i absolutely love..

i went to topshop one lunchtime this week for the first time in a little while, as i received an arcadia gift card through the post in return for some surveys, so i decided to see what i could spend it on..i managed to find this dress in the sale for £7, and also a long pearl / chain necklace with a big gold heart pendant, and a chain with random beads on, for £3 each, which meant that with the gift card, i paid £3 for the lot! - i was on a shopping high for the rest of the afternoon..

ooh, i just found this whilst i was looking for a link: which i may well spend my ebay earnings on this week :)

another outfit from the week, dodgy photo..the dress is a black mini, with a polka dot, heart and lipstick print all over it, from the g:21 (george) range at asda, in the sale it was £8 i believe, and i do like it, although have been worried about the short length..i teamed it with an orangey red cardi (from new look, via ebay), with a sequin poodle on the front, and a cute embroidered leash going all the way around the back, to match the black cuffs and collar..with a pair of black leggings and black pumps i don't think it was noticeably too short..

finally, today's outfit..the dress is a floral print from dotty p's (via ebay sometime last yr) with a matching purple satiny tie around the waist, to match my lilac nails..i've put it together with a long silvery grey primark cardi (at least i'm not JUST wearing the black one anymore) and some leggings and a black scarf..i then matched it up with a purpley check coat from primark..i am aware that the indogo boots don't really do much for the rest of the outfit, but i was going for comfort over colour, as i have a long day today..

Monday, 2 November 2009

on her block, all of the boys call her flamingo..

having had a busy week, by the weekend, i was pretty tired, but determined not to give in and laze around all weekend, i was inspired to go bargain-hunting, by Vintage Vixen's blog, and all of her impressive intentions were to do a trawl of as many charity shops as i could fit into a five hour trip on Saturday, and then head to a local car boot on Sunday morning..unfortunately the weather put a stop to the second leg of my plans, but i have included a pic of my finds, including a lot of chick-lit books (one of my guilty pleasures) and a book on doing up furniture, which i plan to make use of with some pieces i have received from very kind fellow freecyclers..also, i am very taken with the clock, and the pink glass plate (it's making me think "cupcakes", which i may have a go at depending on what time i return home this evening)..also, managed to pick up a few bits for xmas presents, which is making this year the most organised yet!!
my outfit for saturday consisted of a pair of pink lace leggings, from the miss selfridge sale this year, and a fabulous flamingo print dress, originally from h&m and featured in vogue at the time, a few years back - i saw the piece and managed to track one down on good old ebay..i teamed this with green nail polish, a pair of fluffy primark boots for comfort, and the green shrug from the last post, along with a darker green scarf..