Monday, 27 December 2010

with a corncob pipe, and a button nose, and two eyes made out of coal..

this is probably my only attempt at a snowman, we've never rly had enough snow before - i think he turned out pretty well, he was made last weekend and is still going strong (with help from little sis!)

Sunday, 26 December 2010

all the way home i'll be warm..

some photos of the snow from one of my recent walks into town..i really love snow, and think that the way it covers everything makes everything look that little bit prettier..

hopefully everyone is having an enjoyable break..normal posts to resume soon :)

Thursday, 23 December 2010

maybe i'll give the girl a hand & a microphone..

this skirt is one of my newest ebay bargains - i used ti gave a prom dress in the same print from topshop a few yrs ago, but as it was bought a size too small, i sold it earlier in the year in a fit of self-conscious hatred of the way it looked..

please excuse the fact that my hair is a giant frizzy mess also, i think i need to pay it some more attention asap! it's not the only thing i need to pay more attention to..i haven't finsihed anywhere near all of the things i had been meaning to by this point - btw, xmas eve is tomorrow apparently!!

anyway, i added a black tee and this mint green shrug, new look - yrs ago, to the skirt, and a pair of irregular choice black heels with white polka dots on them, which didn't make it into the photo..i did change the heels for my wellies when i got home as i still had some errands to run...

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

i gave the world away for you..

another outfit from my last trip to wales, i found this bluey grey dress which i found in a local boutique in my town - love the ruffles and the number of different fabrics and trimmings, tulle net, lace, pom kind of reminds me of a fairy dress, with the tulle layer underneath, and it never fails to cheer me up when i wear it!

i also found this pair of leopard print tights in the drawer in my room there..they are a kind of grey background, and i think they came from primark originally, but i have had them a few yrs now! i thought they went pretty well with the colour of the dress, and also added to it the satin handbag, which was £6 last time i went to the local next clearance store, and this blue swing coat from the river island sale several yrs ago..
last of all, the fox print knitted scarf was a purchase from the liverpool h&m amonth or so ago, and i added it because i liked it, even though it doesn't rly go with the rest of the's nice and long and snug though!

i'm so not organised for xmas yet, i have so much more to do, and seem to be finding little or no time for any of it :(

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

if i talk in my sleep will you just keep trying..?

another outfit post from a weekend in wales recently, sorry for the fairly bad pictures, the flash has been playing up on my gradually dying camera so i wasn't able to get any decent detail in the pics :(

one of the best things about a weekend in wales is the fact that i have a full wardrobe there to choose from !! :)

i bought this dress from the dorothy perkins sale last time i was in llandudno, but then left it in the wardrobe, to be discovered when i was there last's a size too big, and that really shows so it will need to be taken home and taken in at some point..but i put a cardi over it and this scarf, and it didn't exactly show..the photo doesn't show my "oxblood" coloured winter knit tights very well either - think i am recently obsessed with wooly tights :) these are from peacocks and so good that i have now got a pair in all the colours they had available!!

Sunday, 19 December 2010

set sail on concrete waves..

quick outfit post today:

this skirt was from new look earlier in the year, and i wasn't really sure about it but after much deliberation decided to keep it, and thought i should give it another go the other day..i'm still not entirely sure whether i love it, but the shape and the pattern i do like, just not sure whether it's actually really unflattering and makes my bum look huge! :( the green tshirt is also from new look, as i figured something plain..i added the trusty crop blazer to try and smarten the look up a little, and then black tights as i think the skirt is too short for anything other than opaque!! i wasn't sure if the contrast between the heels and the tights was a bit too much, but thought these shoes would at least go ok with the rest of the colours in the outfit..

Saturday, 18 December 2010

we're standing on a tiny ledge, before this goes over the edge..

really boring and speedy outfit post - i seem to have so  very much to do this week and do not have the time nor the concentration to be able to focus on any of it very well, which has been getting me down a little..a side-effect of one of the medicines i have to take at present is that my concentration span seems to be almost non-existent..i keep starting things and then forgetting what i'm doing - i'm not old enough for 'senior moments'!!

as for my outfit - i really like this cardigan more and more every time i wear it, and it was a fairly rushed morning, so i just grabbed it and a dress i figured it would work ok with..i like the fact that this floral h&m dress lends itself to any colour, despite the fact it's floral print..  i liked the result, and due to the rubbish weather (again) wore flat boring boots again..which detracted from the effect somewhat..

Friday, 17 December 2010

i'm doing nothing, cos then at least i'm doing nothing wrong..

oh wow, these are some pretty awful photos :(

i'm having real trouble sleeping recently, and have been prescribed some hugely powerful sleeping tabs, which combined with my usual meds for other things, are meaning that i'm totally knocked out and sleeping through any alarms etc in the mornings (i have several set) and am therefore ending up with no time to do anything other than throw on some clothes and then rush out of the door..which means i'm not exactly looking my best at any point recently, my hair is a mess, i have the concentration levels and memory span of a goldfish, my skin is disgusting, i feel tired, headachey and frustrated that i'm not having enough time to do anything :( as well as being concerend at the fact that i seem to be giving boots pharmacy a run for their money as far as sheer quantity of tablets seem to be concerned, which can't be good for me in the long run, i'm sure :(

at the moment, i would pretty much like to vote to cancel christmas, or at least have another week or so to prepare - or maybe a week off the office to prepare..sadly that won't be happening as i have too much to do, so i'm going to have to try and fit all the remanining tasks into the next few days!! i still haven't posted anything i was supposed to yet, let alone even started wrapping / labelling those presents i am giving out in person..and i'm not sure i have an evening free between now and the big day so how i'm goign to get it all done i'm not sure...waaah.

as for outfit: i don't like it, i feel like a waitress as well as down about the fact i feel like a mess ..
the black dress hasn't photographed too well, it's a satin feel, with lace neckline detail, and was £5.99 from newlife on my last visit there, bought in case i decided to go for any bar jobs over the holidays, which i haven't had time to arrange :(

the blouse was found in new look by little sis last weekend, and she persuaded me to use my vouchers on it..i do like this, the pocket detail, the print, and the tie..but i think i would have liked the effect better over a dress of another plain colour..

i've worn some dull and un-photo-worthy sparkly flat pumps from tesco, since i wore heels all day yday and my feet are suffering from it, meeting at 7.30am, then a day in the office, then a 5-8.30 shift in my friend's shop, and a long walk back to the car..ugh! i also forgot to take an outfit photo from it, and the xmas party the evening before, when i kind of ruined my topshop lace shoe boots :(

Thursday, 16 December 2010

i'll take a bruise, i know you're worth it..

 still playing outfit catch-up, this was another outfit worn last week, consisting of a dress i found on my last trip to newlife, for all of £5.99, and a cardigan i lusted for for several months, before deciding to buy with my birthday vouchers on my bday shopping trip much earlier in the year..

the necklace was a present from the lovely alex, which i really do not wear anywhere near as much as i ought to!! considering the name of the blog, i don't do enough dinosaurs, so i figured this post would help with that..

as for footwear, i wore some primark pixie boots, again - boo :(
due to the weather, which is kinda ok again now, and how nice it is to be in heels again - at least until the return of the snow towards the end of the week (boo!)

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

i want someone provocative and talkative, but it's so hard when you're shallow as a shower..

 do please excuse the fact that i look like an absolute mess. this skirt was purchased from the primark sale rail, and i think i had decided i hated it within about ten minutes of putting it know that feeling in a shop where you think "that'll look great with...." and get all excited about the fact it's pretty, and has beads and looks all fairytale, and is only £5...? well, that's the feeling i had in the shop, and right up until the time i put it on, got to work and the stupid beads started to fall off en masse, and the stupid hems started to fray, and the stupid underneath layer kept riding up over my tights, and just generally caused me stupid, self-conscious skirt worries all day..
i think it doesn't help that i teamed it with rather frumpy garments, and then spent the day feeling like a total mess! it's been relegated to the back of the wardrobe, and will probably be used for something else, as the beads are falling off anyway..

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

when we collide we'll come together..

ok, so COW VINTAGE dress number three of three..
no prizes for guessing why this one jumped out at me from the rails!! florals, check..pastels, check..potential to lend itself to many colour schemes, check..and all for £12!!!

i boringly teamed it with grey flat boots, and a grey cardigan from new look which has a little pastel bead detail on it, and a pink beret as my hair is a total state at the moment and really needs something doing with it..

Monday, 13 December 2010

lean out and touch the treetops over town..

COW vintage dress number two of three - i actually was pretty excited about all of these, hence wasting little time in actually wearing them! this one i was a little less sure of in the store, and it was a tough decision between this and another dress - i told myself i was limiting to three new dresses!
i wasn't sure about the fact that this one has long sleeves, and also that it was polyester rather than a cotton mix..but having tried it on, and worn it for a day i do really like it, and coped fine wiht the sleeves with no has a sweet matching tie belt for the waist, which i may replace with a different cinch belt next time i wear it..

i love the print, and the colours, which i felt lent themselves to this fab pair of irregular choice boots, which i have had for a few years now and don't wear enough..

this outfit was just for a day at the office, and then an evening (late night shopping) shift at my friend's shop in town, which was rather successful, and a lot busier than the week before..
this necklace was such a gem of a find in the bullring, it was £2.99 from h&m and i had to have it as soon as i laid eyes on it - it's a hot air balloon with a bear hanging onto it, and a bird charm further round the chain..i got so many compliments on this one, even from people who don't usually notice the little details!

Sunday, 12 December 2010

and we all know what happens when we get to your house..

a bit of a crafting session a little while ago, lead to me making, and turning various older makes into brooches, in order that i can send some with xmas presents etc.
i'm not sure where the hearts idea came from, but i have so many jars of buttons at the moment that i figured i should really do something with them, so inspired by some of the corsages and brooches in the high street stores which have a totally homemade feel to them, i had a go..i purchased 100 brooch-backs a little while ago from ebay, and am steadily getting through them..and i am finally doing somehting with all the "spare" buttons that seem to come with anything i buy - they all get taken out and put in the jar!! whcih i guess could be a problem if i then lost a button off something i wanted to open to suggestions for any other things i could make into brooches...

Saturday, 11 December 2010

for all the dirty looks, the photographs your boyfriend took..

 last weekend i went to birmingham to do a bit of shopping..
after making my escape (see last post if you are unsure what i mean!) my somewhat aimless wanderings took me to the outdoor market, where there was a stall with homemade jewellery and knitted headbands - i totally bought a bright blue one, which i haven't yet worn, but will picture when i do, but that wasn't the point - the girls on the stall and i got chatting about clothes, my outfit, and vintage shopping..they gave me directions to the COW vintage store, which wasn't very far, and i went down there with the skeptical expectation of expensive charity-shop-fodder, as has been my main gripe with so many "vintage" shops in the past..boy, was i mistaken!! my phone was dying so i didn't manage to get any sneaky pics of the inside of the store, but if you are ever in bham it is totally worth a rummage - there were rails and rails of chunky knitwear, just like in the high street at present, ooodles of dresses, and a whole accessories section at the back!! and in the entire place i didn't see one dress over £14!! bargains to be had, here..i limited myself to one top, and three dresses, which took some choosing! this is the first of the dresses..

it's come out as looking quite turquoise in the photos, and i think it's more green in real life, it certainly didn't look as different to the shade of the shoes as it does here..the dress cost a bargainous £14 from cow vintage, who i can't find a website link for but they do have a blog, which they keep here..
to add to the dress, i wore this pair of irregular choice 'apres ski' heels; i love the knitted alpine effect, and the bows with the chunky heels..they make me think of skiing..which is somethign i am currently trying to plan..i've never been, but have always wanted a skiing holiday, so if anyone has been anywhere, and has any suggestions, please let me know!!

Friday, 10 December 2010

glass half empty, glass half full, i'd say you've got some catching up to do..

after the miserable end to my week, what better way to cheer it up than to head to the bullring, bright and early on a saturday morning in the run-up to xmas..i'm a fairly impatient person at the best of times when it comes to queues and crowds, and pushing and shoving, so something tells me my emotional state meant i didn't really think this through..but still..
i dug this dress out of the wardrobe, and was rather pleased as last time i wore it, it was waaay too tight to wear - vintage laura ashley in a size smaller than i really should have gone for, but i loved it so much i couldn't resist a sneaky bid!
i'm really glad it fits quite well (still could do with a little more weight-loss, but as i've not really been making a conscious effort, and haven't been gymming as much as i'd ideally like to of late, i'm kinda chuffed!)

i am absolutely loving mustard tones recently - someone was blogging about getting bored of the same colours over and over again recently, but i actually can't get enough of mustards, and rusty oranges / browns this autumn, so when i pulled out the dress, i figured i had to go for this beret (charity shop), and the orange scarf (peacocks sale a couple of winters ago)..
i really hate this cardigan..i think i've said that before, but then every time i get anywhere close to throwing it into the charity bag, i wear it and think "hey, it's not too bad", but the shape does nothing for my figure, it's the wrong length and the tie makes me feel super frumpy :( i think it has to go!
i guess that with the thumbs up re: the dress, and then the thumbs down re: manky cardi, it's a fairly neutral outfit..also, i have to admit, i felt like a total skank; i wore flat pixie boots due to the weather, and i feel like i'm really missing my heels - i never go shopping in flats :(

i coincided my xmas shopping to that day for another reason too; one of my friends was having a bday shopping trip to the bullring that day anyway, so had asked me to go along..i said i'd meet them there, as i kinda hate trains, so i was all parked in the multi-storey by 9.15, and met them about half 10, after having done a little of my shopping..mental note: in future, make a list prior to going shopping of who to buy for, and what.. as i was having a total issue trying to rack my brains with what to get certain people! and my memory and general concentration levels have been so bad of late due to my meds, that i kept thinking of things, then getting to the store and forgetting..i know i'll have to do some more before xmas, but i think i am getting there at least..

anyway, i digress..i met my friend, and she had two friends with you ever have that feeling when you meet someone and know you are never, in a million years, going to be shopping-compatible!? i think it was at the point that we went past the adidas store and one of them asked if we could go in on our way back past, that i started planning how to 'lose' them..harsh? probably. but as i'm sure was clear, i wasn't exactly in my best of moods last week!! i escaped, and later on found the amazing COW VINTAGE store..more to come from there in the next post..

Thursday, 9 December 2010

climbing past the milky way..

when i dragged this dress out of the wardrobe for the first time in ages, i decided it was the perfect colour and print to go with this pair of shoe boots by irregular choice's sister brand, poetic licence..

i can't quite remember where the dress came from; i know it was one of those cheapy clothes stores, when i was waiting for someone or something years ago in the bullring..i've always been drawn to floral prints, and a dress is fabulous in my opinion when it has a layer of tulle net underneath as a rule, i do like a built-in petticoat!

i substituted the regular black tie from the dress for this patent belt which i took from a skirt that was in the wardrobe, as i figured it would match the boots quite well..

the purple and teal shades make me think autumn..but the weather is turning more like mid-winter!

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

so a snowflake fell and it felt like a kiss..

ok, so this is probably the only proper outfit i wore over the weekend before last *that's how behind i am with some of my outfit posts!*, as i stayed home for the majority of it, and lounged around in various layers of pjs and cardigans..

but i did pop out with the parents as they were off to pick up some things from toys r us, and they stopped to pick me up on the way, so i had about 5mins notice to throw somehting on to face the snowy weather outside!

the floral dress is a strapless prom style one i picked up in BOTH it's colour combinations in h&m a coupleo f yrs back..i love them both, they fit lovely and aren't at all uncomfortable like strapless frocks sometimes can be..

the leggings have a bit of a pointelle effect, and a little sparkle to them, which is what drew me towards them on the topshop sale rail on my last trip to liverpool..they're nice and warm too, although here i think i was wearing them as an additional layer over a regular pair of tights!

as for this top; do you ever have an item which you like in the shop, but then are not so sure when you get it home and try it on..? i first bought it on a trip to liverpool in about april this year..
and then wasn't all that sure about the way it looked on, so took it back..
but then, having returned it, i kept thinking i liked it when i saw it in store, so ummed and ahhed until it was down in the sale, when the only size left on the website was a good few dress sizes bigger than i am..i bought it anyway, and figured as it's supposed to be slouchy and oversized, it may not matter..and i have worn it a few times, usually thrown over a dress since it's quite cropped, and usually tuck it under a waist belt to cinch it in just a little, and try to give the outfit a little more waist shape..i think it looks ok with the colours of this dress..and i threw the gold sequin scarf over the top as i was leaving the house, as well as a fur coat and a pair of plum-coloured primark pixie boots..

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

if life is one big pool, i'll be in the deep end..

i was wandering through town after my first shift in the shop, last week, and noticed that peacocks had a large sign in the window to say that all ladies footwear was 50% off - who could resist?!

so i popped in on the off-chance they would have the pair of blue shoe-boots i noticed when in hereford with alex the weekend before..

and they did..and they were only £10! the only bad part is that due to the snow, i haven't really had a chance to wear heels all week and have been frumping around in flat boots ;S

Monday, 6 December 2010

on a scale of one to ten, let's pretend, life's a six or seven..

first of all, thank you to everyone for the kind comments and emails i received after my last post..i think i was letting everything get on top of me, and letting things get me down which, on their own, wouldn't seem that bad..

today's a new week..and i have a lot of outfit photos to catch me up on, and apologies as they are not llikely to be posted in any particular order (am i the only person who takes the photos and then falls behind with posting them?! is it breaking some kind of blog rule to post a daily outfit when it was not actually that day's outfit?!)'s outfit post was worn yesterday, and purchased on saturday whilst i was xmas shopping in birmingham (i decided to get out of the house in order to get away from the 'moping-around, feeling-down' weeekend which i am sure would have happened otherwise!

the squirrel jumper is from h&m - i don't know how new it is, i only saw this one in the entire store - and i totally fell for it, hence wanting to wear it asap!! i'm kinda liking all the 'picture' jumpers around recently (for want of a better description!) all of my friends who have seen it so far have commented on the furry tail, but i actually like that!!

as for the shorts..i recently totally fell in lust with this river island much so that i tried them on and everything (a big deal for me haha as i never try things on!), but as i figured that the shorts 'thing' was a passing phase, which i was sure i'd be over fairly soon, i thought i'd try and find a cheaper but similar pair somewhere - so decided to give these jersey-types ones from primark a go at £10!!i'm not sure if the photos show so well, but they are brownish with little polka dots, and i think they go rather well with the jumper; i didn't have a lot of choice anyway as i stayed at my dad's house on sat eve as a rather impromptu visit, so it was lucky i had got these things during my shopping trip!!

and i had purchased a couple of pairs of tights too, i'm really liking wooley tights at the moment, which i had planned to get mum to wrap up for me for xmas, but i just gave her the other pair, and kept these bottle green ones from dotty p's out to wear yesterday! i felt a little self-conscious in the shorts, but i was only spending the day with my best friends in wales, so it wasn't too bad..