Tuesday, 5 January 2010

i cannot sleep, i cannot dream tonight..

ugh, this is driving me mad, i haven't had an entire night's sleep for so long, despite the fact that i have been feeling so much more relaxed and cheerful for the last few weeks..i either can't get to sleep in the first place, or once i have, i wake up either too warm (yes, i know it is -5 outside, but i have been sleeping with the window open) or scared by another nightmare..bad times :(

anyway, onto more cheerful things, at least it gives me more time to do some of the things i spend so long meaning to but never getting around the heap of unfinished dress pieces, all of which need sewing together..

today's outfit for work is one of the tops my dad treated me to last week, from a lovely boutique he discovered with my mum whilst away..was really drawn to the simple nature of the top, embellished with the black beads..i've gone for a simple black skirt, in order to draw attention to top and shoes - irregular choice riff raff heels with spiders on..
on the subject of shoes, am rather excited about the number of pairs i have acquired over xmas, both as presents or sale purchases..yellow gingham irregular choice heels, with bananas on the fronts, which were via ebay, orange suede heels, £13 from primark on friday, blue striped sandals with red hearts, which i love for the nautical cuteness, office, but via ebay..the turquoise irregular choice kitten heels were a present from my sister, i have them in another colour, and really love the kitschy fork and knife charms on the front..the ones next to that i must admit i snapped up from schuh the other day at full price, but they are so cute, with teddy print and big bows at the front, and it's a style i've had before and know i can wear comfortably..the stars of the show, however, are the black heels i found in the phase eight sale..not a shop i venture into othat often, but these were the last pair, in my size, and down to £25 from £85, and i have been looking for a pair of simple but pretty heels in plain black..i totally fell for the beads on the front, but they are still formal enough to wear for smart occasions, which is why i think they were the best bargain of all!


  1. SO many shoes! I would love to raid your collection... what size are you?! :D

  2. haha, i'm about a Uk7.5, so i tend to either go for 40s or 41s in IC's, as most places no longer go for half sizes. Have about 50/50 between size 7s and size 8s..feel free :P

  3. Ohhh i wish i was your size, you have such amazing shoes x

  4. Those really are great shoes. I need to get out more:)

  5. What a great set of shoes!! I wish I could find some as interesting as that.

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  6. I have a love of shoes and I have to say I adore the black and white ones with the bee on them in the second picture!

    Looks like you have bought some lovely pairs of shoes over Christmas - jealous me?

  7. Awesome shoes! Try meditation...sit in a quiet space for 5 minutes and hum til you run out of breath over and over...the vibrations actually cause a chemical effect that helps you relax.

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  8. i always look at irregular choice shoes and love them, but i never buy :/

  9. Beautiful collection! I am very envious! I am only a size 4 though, so no raiding your collection for me :(