Wednesday, 10 February 2010

brown paper packages, tied up with string..

does anyone else really love to get home to the suprise of a lovely little parcel through the letterbox? i mean, i know we live in the age of technology, where email is king, but there's definitely something to be said for envelopes containing cheerful messages or little almost neutralises the inevitable bills in the other envelopes on the mat..

anyway, here is today's jewellery sale..i plan to gradually work through more and more of my collection, but this is what i've managed to untangle and turf out so far..if anything takes your fancy, please either comment or email me, i'm selling everything on a first come first serve basis, and the intention isn't to make a profit or anything..and please feel free to make me an offer..

first up i have a few more pairs of earrings, the first dangly rose / pearls are only from primark
mouse and cheese fimo pair which i made myself *gone*
pink dangly 'love' ones - also homemade..

next up, brooches:

silvery sparkly "starburst" effect one *gone*..

skull and crossbones with diamante bits, i believe from primark when i went through my serious pirate phase lol.. *gone*

grey owl on branch brooch, bought from dotty p's and never worn..*gone*

diamante butterfly brooch, came from a vintage shop as part of a huge collection of jewellery *gone*
the opia brooches were (obviously) bought from primark, sometime in the last year or so, when the manchester store decided to place the jewellery section temptingly close to the checkout, in order to persuade me to pick up various items i did not need! the pearly bronzey one could work quite well with this season's nude coloured trend (*gone*) ..the blue one is missing a jewel so i doubt will be of any interest to anyone :S

the black sequin bow came with a new look cardi, but i took it off as the cardi itself was too lightweight to cope with it, and i haven't found anything else i wanted it on..

the round stud brooches are from a set i picked up in h&m when i went through my nu rave phase lol..they're pretty small (smaller than a 5p piece), and the speech mark one is also from h&m, (again, part of a set which i only wanted one of..not very sensible shopping!)
as for the necklaces:

silver sparkly robot charm on silver coloured chain, from new look last year, but i haven't got round to wearing yet.. *gone*
silver coloured chain with blue square pendant, from next..
dark grey chain with purple flower pendant, not sure where from..
gold coloured chain with sparkly diamante pandant, ??
green smiley face charm on black cord necklace with dog clip fastening, probably claire's or somewhere, several years ago..
silver coloured tear-drop pendant on silver coloured chain, i think from next..
long silver chain with red plastic heart charm, from a local store..
i imagine there will be more to add tomorrow :)


  1. Hopefully I can bagsy the mouse and cheese earrings and the owl brooch before anyone else! PM me about prices please hun?

  2. Oh, pretty brooches. Can I bagsy the butterfly and the starburst ones please? I might be interested in the others if they don't go as well - you can never have too many. :)

  3. My goodness and I thought I'd got a lot of jewellery! Great pieces and well done for being brave enough to part with them.

  4. cute butterfly pin!

  5. You have so much wonderful jewellery! I'm jealous. But I'm being strong and not buying anything, although I do adore that owl brooch!

  6. Are you going to have any left for yourself or is that a silly question!
    Vicki xx

  7. I'd love the robot pendant - and if LouLou changes her mind on the butterfly brooch ;)

    Let me know and I'll pp you.

    You have such nice things!

  8. Ooh I love all of those! Especially the ones from H & M! :)