Monday, 1 February 2010

even when we said goodbye..never thought it was the last time..

i've been doing a lot of thinking over the last few days, and have come to the following conclusions..

1. however hard you may want to, one person cannot change another's feelings..

2. spending money on pointless things, doesn't make you happier in the long run..especially when the things in question are clothes and shoes that , realistically, look great on the display models but awful on you! i think i'm just having a "nothing-suits-me" mood today, i tried out several outfits and wasn't happy with any of them really..

i am aware that there is only one solution to 1. - time. i know, it's supposed to heal all wounds, etc etc, but it doesn't seem that way at present. i realise that one of two things will happen, i will move on (hopefully), or he will be ready to change his mind (wishfully, but not really very likely)..whichever happens, for the time being i resolve to look at life more positively. after all, things could always be much worse..

and as for a solution to 2: i have set myself a spending challenge. from 1st feb, i will be refraining from any clothes, shoes or accessory buying. this will be VERY difficult for me, but i have decided that i need to think more about purchases before i impulse-buy them..i find it very easy to allow my mood to lead me into shopping, when i have a low mood, i tend to head to the shops and spend spend spend that miserable feeling away. so, for the next few weeks, i will be will help the bills too! my challenge date will be feb 27, when i have planned a shopping trip to liverpool with friends, so i will not be spending anything on clothes until then!

this was decided on saturday evening; i spent a day in town with my little sis, and almost-bought lots of clothes, deciding each time that i either had something similar / didn't really need it / it wouldn't suit me..i already own more clothes and shoes etc than most people i know, and at the moment as i've said before, i haven't exactly been overwhelmed by this season's offerings on the high street..therefore, i'm planning on my own take on the current trends, using items which are undoubtedly in my wardrobes already..
the things that i did buy on saturday are pictured..a friend of mine owns a lovely boutiquey shop, which is full of cute homey things and gifts, mainly from local craftsters (really ought to get the inspiration going and make something myself!), so the cushion came from there..the bicylce necklace and ice cream earrings are from accessorize, the mouse necklace and polka dot bow earrings from another little boutique in town..and the rabbit top in the top photo was from the fcuk sale, although i really should have tried it on before buying, as it was a no-returns on sale items, and i would then have remembered how little i suit that shape of top - before i got home :S which was the beginning of my challenge really, as i want to train myself to think more carefully about clothes purchases and establish what actually suits me..we'll see how it goes anyway..


  1. That little mouse pendant is just SO cute! Good luck with the challenge, I know you'll be able to do it and who knows, you may find something in your amazing wardrobe you've long forgotten?

  2. I'm doing the spending thing too. Good luck!! I've left an award on my blog for you x

  3. I'll be keeping an eye on you if you keep an eye on me! :)

  4. Sounds like we all need this challenge! Good luck hun!


  5. That is a super cute dress and I love both necklaces! Good luck!