Thursday, 18 February 2010

i wrote this letter in my head, cos so many things were left unsaid..

..still buzzing this morning from my busy evening yesterday..i got home, and managed to tidy the kitchen (swept, mopped, washing up, washing machine on, tiles and worktops scrubbed), living room (swept, tidied, furniture rearranged and sofas defluffed with one of those sticky clothes de-fluffers) and bathroom (swept, mopped, all tiles scrubbed completely shiny :D ), and got most of the clothes back in the wardrobes in the wardrobe room, all within 90 minutes before my friends arrived (as you can see from the pics, it's not just clothes - nothing really matches furniture-wise either!)..we then managed to get parked and to bingo which was mighty fun, although i didn't win anything, i think i need to take a tip from the older generation there who seemed to be taking it a lot more seriously!!

second outfit of the day (as i felt i needed to change after cleaning) : star print sundress from primark, purple thin cardi (new look) and floral bag (primark)..along with my trusty, worn-out irrgular choice yee-hah boots..these were my first ever pair of ICs, and they have been worn so many times that their cost per wear must be less than 1p!! which is a definite good thing, as at the time i bought them, they were the most expensive item of clothing i had ever purchased!

then home and a dvd on whilst i read through more of my first aid manual to plan for our guides badge after the half felt like a productive evening anyway :)

have had a productive morning all of our accounts chased up for work, as well as managing to sort out all of my parcels to post, and transfer some money (finally, although not much of it is mine truth be told :( )

today's outfit isn't very coordinated, but i'm not that bothered about that for once..the top was really annoying me, so has been changed since the pics were taken, to one with perfume bottles on the front, which im sure has featured on the blog with the same skirt! the shoes are gorgeous shoe boots i feel for in the irregular choice exclusive to schuh range in jan..i love them, and think i like them with coloured tights more than i'd anticipated..the skirt is a primark find, matched with the bead necklaces / bracelets from the phase eight sale in jan, whcih i've managed to get a lot of wear out of compared to most of my jewellery!


  1. You have SO many pretty things =)

  2. I love today's outfit - the skirt is just wonderfully colourful.

    And I think matching furniture is completely overrated. Your flat looks amazing, I'd love a rummage on those shelves! Any chance of some pics of the wardrobe room?

  3. I also adore your flat. Mismatched is so very shabby chic, and speaking of which, I covet that little side table you're hiding all your marvellous shoes under in that second photo.

    I like today's skirt - it looks almost handmade.

  4. Your flat is so cute! My home is full of Pokemon :(


  5. I have that star print dress :)

    Your flat looks lovely.

  6. You have some gorgeous girly things x

  7. I've almost brought that star dress so many times on Ebay but wondered what it looked like on.

    Am very tempted to get one next time I see it after seeing your pictures!