Tuesday, 2 February 2010

it could have been forever, now we'll never know..

ok, finally a spare moment, so will use it as a chance to catch up with the two blog award tags i received recently..

the first is from the lovely vicky of lady-bug-says and i have to list 7 weird and wonderful facts about myself:

1. i run a local Guides unit, which means my monday nights are filled with planning camps, making peppermint creams and passing on my first aid knowledge..

2. i've been vegetarian since i was 13, although this is based on the fact that i don't like meat, not a moral standpoint, which nobody i know quite seems to grasp..

3. i'm a massive fan of cadburys creme eggs, although trying to hold out for my first one of the year until easter is at least in sight..

4. the only crisps i will eat are salt and vinegar..all the other flavours are just, in my opinion, evil!

5. i graduated from university (which i hated) with an honours degree in law, although the main thing it taught me was that i did not want to progress to be a solictor..

6. i haven't worn a pair of trousers in over three years..

7. i haven't drunk alcohol in almost as long as no. 6..

i'm afraid that my facts aren't terribly exciting..but i will tag the following bloggers anyway..

my second award of the week was from Em at passion for fashion which i need to pass on to another 6 bloggers, for just generally being awesome :) so here goes..

right, that's quite enough tagging..onto today's outfit..i'm definitely in a nothing-suits-me mood recently! i tried on one outfit, and then another and still wasn't happy with the results but had to go to work in order to package and label my most recent ebay sales..i'm still selling the odd bits and bobs, so with the no-spend challenge, i should be able to let the paypal funds mount up, and then maybe splurge on something Really Exciting next month....

anyway, outfit option number 1:
navy blue anchor print skirt, new look, with navy short sleeved top with a peter pan (?) collar and sparkly buttons..i used to love that top, which was a george @ asda find, but now i just think it's shapeless and doesn't sit right..i'm not sure the black tights really helped with this outfit to be
honest, but i wasn't really sure what else to put with them..the main part was the orange shoes..which i love. so for the next outfit, i kept those and just changed all the rest - outfit number 2: orange shoes, primark..purple / orange sci-fi print get cutie skirt, which i had forgotten about owning until somebody mentioned get cutie yday and i remembered that i have heaps of GC skirts which haven't seen the light of day in far too long! the jumper is an ancient h&m one, which i don't like either as i think it is too big and shapeless on me..

not a good day for outfit-confidence today, but i plan to cheer myself up by going to the gym later this evening, and then a few more episodes of the sopranos box set, which i have borrowed from my dad..want to do something creative when i get home this evening, maybe make some more felt brooches, or some jewellery..hopefully inspiration will strike....


  1. Thought provoking writing. Keep it rolling.xoxo
    This is great blog for design ideas

  2. I'm in love with those orange shoes!
    Have you thought of trying grey opaques? I dug some out the other day and they are so good with navy blue.
    Love that first top, very retro/Indie and reminds me of something Pearl Lowe would wear, it fits you really well.
    Both skirts are great, but the second top doesn't do any justice to your lovely figure, you need something tighter to show off those girly curves, lady!!!

  3. ooh, hadn't thought of grey with navy, but i will try it, as i have got some grey tights - they need replacing really, but that can wait until the end of the no-clothes task!

  4. Thanks lovely! Looking great as usual in both outfits.

    I love reading these facts. Can't believe you haven't worn trousers in three YEARS! And I thought my week-long no jeans challenge was good. :)

  5. The first outfit is so much better than the second. Love the shoes too!

    Thank you for my awards! I hate all crisps, bleurgh.


  6. I really want a creme egg now. Preferably with salt and vinegar crisps.

  7. Congrats on the awards! It is evidently truly well deserved because your blog is ADORABLE! :)