Saturday, 27 February 2010

love the quiet of the night time, when the sun has drowned in a deathly sea..

really really speedy outfit post, as i'm off shopping..i haven't yet typed up the pre-shoppign list, but i will do a comparison of what i decided to look for (on a rough piece of paper in my purse to remind me lol) and what i actually end up with..i have a whole list of things i like the look of on the web but want to try on first - i am learning lol, as i've never been a trying on girl before..

my shopping outfit is one of my favourite dresses ever, from h&m via ebay as it sold out of stores so fast due to featuring in vogue..i love this for it's rockabilly shape, and it's summery picnic vibe..although it hasn't stopped the rain today :(
plain red new look cardi, red bow earrings and the white irregular choice boots as i'm still in a grump about the new ones not fitting :'(
red beret to stop my hair looking too awful in the rain, adn i have got with me a black scarf, and a coat i will probably be leaving in the car..
have a lovely weekend!! xx


  1. Beautiful dress!
    Happy shopping x

  2. Oh I love it :) Gorgeous print and what a fab shape on you.

    Happy shopping!

  3. that is a really beautiful dress

  4. Cute dress!

    I love your blog! :)
    - Audrey Allure <3

  5. That is such a pretty dress. I hope you are having a wonderful day x

  6. That dress is gorgeous, you wear some beautiful clothes x

  7. You look so pretty in the outfit! Loving the red beret.
    Hope you had fun.

  8. A vision in red. Fab. Can't wait to see some of the shopping. x

  9. Dont know if you'll be interested, but take a look at the top on my giveaway. Maybe you'll win :) <3