Tuesday, 16 February 2010

she left me roses by the stairs, surprises let me know she cares..

i know it's later in the day than usual for a post, but here goes nonetheless as i'm fed up of trying to correct everyone else's mistakes today..

today's outfit is a pretty poppy print dress from the floral frocks range that oasis used to run (not sure if they still do, but i have a few dresses from when they did, all based on vintage styles..)..i love this because it's got a couple of petticoat layers underneath to give it a great shape, and i've dressed this one up with a huge cocktail ring (put on after the photo was taken so not added, but it's a huge round one with lots of purple/pink gems..and a big purple bangle..also found these fabby glitter heels from faith on top of the wardrobe, and felt they would hopefully cheer up my day..they've kinda worked, although have let a few things get to me that shouldn't have, based on the fact that i was already a little stressed :(

the rest of today's post is to show off the lovely new acquisitions from over the weekend..i mentioned the new look cardi in yesterday's post, here it is in all it's pearly-buttoned glory, along with a 'tres nautique' stripey top from the next clearance store with love sequinned across the front, which i think will be brilliant with a red skirt and pumps, if it ever stops raining..

next up, the dinosaur plates i got from wisteria lane with the rest of my vouchers, and my monsoon spoils from cheshire oaks..i can't wait until it's summery enough to wear the floral corsage collar, and i have no idea when i will wear the lacey gloves, but fell in love with them at £2.19 for the pair..the bangle was £3 and i really liked that as well, imagining it with a maxi dress and flip flops in the summer (anyone else wishing it was drawing closer to summer weather yet?!)

my valentine's post (so-called because there was a card and it arrived near valentines, thanks laura xx) was the silver ark necklace :D

and the embroidery book was 50p from the book stall at Attingham Park the other day, when sis and i went for our woodland walk..which i felt was an acceptable spend as it went to charity anyway..
i've had a nice week so far (other than work today which has been kinda frustrating), last night no guides due to half term, so i agreed to go to boxercise class with a friend, and we're off to the gym again tonight..tomorrow i'm hoping to persuade her to come with me to the bingo..hope everyone is having a nice start to the week..xx


  1. Ahh I love that dress purple is my favourite colour it really suits you :)

  2. Char, that dress is absolute perfection on you! This is my favourite outfit that you have posted so far.

  3. That corsage collar is really pretty.... bring on the summer days! x

  4. Amazing shoes!and dress!and love that stripey top!and the floral cardy! Have to agree with Laura, favourite outfit so far!

    P.S. I love the song that your title is from!

  5. Gorgeous, gorgeous outfit today Char. The petticoat effect on the dress works so well - I love the way it looks.

    I really must get myself to Cheshire Oaks if bargainous beautiful things like that collar are to be had.

  6. I love the nautical top and the floral cardigan and think they'd look awesome TOGETHER!

    Also, your title is one of my favourite songs of all time, and my favourite band EVER. Love Blink 182 and so excited for their UK tour this summer! :D xx

  7. It may happen Jen :)

    And I may just wear the corsage collar for the sake of it lol, sod summer..

    Maybe not to work, though..the office had a hard enough time processing the glitter shoes, although some little girl in Sainsbury's at lunchtime was mesmerised by them lol..
    (This is what happens when you work in an office of boys I guess)..

  8. Such a pretty outfit you're wearing and I'd have so brought the floral collar, too.