Thursday, 25 March 2010

baby, seasons change but people don't..

well i'm sure this is breaking some kind of unwritten blog rule, but i figured i'd use this lull in things to type, to post some more of the shoe pics up..when i get home this eve i need to tape the first round onto their boxes, and then photo some more - arg!
the parrot print wedges were bought last spring, and haven't yet been worn - they came from the one shop in my town that stocks ICs, the selection of which is usually dire, and i bought them to treat myself after working a grand total of 48 hrs at my second job that week lol..good old payday splurges..maybe i;ll get another second job..
some more of the shoes..and also, i was asked where i get them / whether i paid full price for them all - no chance lol!!!
the robot ones, were from schuh, so i did pay full price minus student discount, but i think they're fab, esp. the little robot on the ankle strap..need to wear these!
these pink boots cost me £15 from ebay, the soles have still got quite a bit of life left in them, although i have been told that due to the nature of the flat soles, the boots are unlikely to be able to be re-soled when they do get worn out..that said, they fared well in the floods last autumn, and i often ride my bike in them lol..i also braved the muddy car boot in them last weekend..i love the retro girly on the side, and the anchor / polka dots which give them a bit of a nautical feel!
although i'm not generally a fan of kitten heels, these were one of my first pairs of ICs and have been worn a few times lol..i love the bikini print and remember getting them with my paypal funds with the first cash i ever made on ebay which gave me a great sense of satisfaction at the time :) these were worn to the cinema with my then boyfriend, to see Cars when it came out..i'm not sure why i remember that lol..


  1. Have shoe envy right now! Can't wait to see more of your collection!

  2. Robot heels - super cute. I love the pink boots too, practical and pretty - how many things can you say that about.

  3. The boots are desperately cute, but the bikini ones are my favourite. IC shoes always have such beautiful 'inners' too

  4. ADORE the boots! So kitsch and cute.

  5. The wedges are superb. Are they an older style? Haven't seen them anywhere before.