Monday, 22 March 2010

the worst is over, you can have the best of me..

oh today is proving to be a good start to the week already, for amusing-to-me-only reasons i shan't bother to divulge..

from a clothes point of view, i have an outfit pic from a couple of weeks ago which i didn't post for some reason, so that's my only outfit post today as i've been photo-shy all weekend and avoided pictures..the dress is an orangey red colour, from miss selfridge, which i dressed down with grey cardi and tights, ans then teamed with green polka dot heels (irregular choice) to pick out the red and green stars on the cream star/insect print scarf i picked up from zara a couple of weekends back :)

other than that, i've decided to post a few of my favourite things..all fairly random, like most of the things i own i suppose, i seem to get drawn to pretty things, in the same way as i do when clothes shopping..the furniture in my flat is mainly from a huge trip to ikea when i moved in, which is where the sofas, and pink shelves / tables came from, but i have picked up a few other pieces of furniture since, the blue trolley in the back of most of my outfit pics was from a lovely freecycler, which needed a little restoring and has been a bit of an ongoing project lol..i'm hoping to paint another coat and then do some stencilling, but would prefer to wait until the weather gets a little nicer so that i can do that outside, and avoid the lingering smell of paint in the flat lol..(it may also have a little to do with procrastination, of which i am apparently a giant fan)

this lloyd loom blanket box was such a fab ebay bargain at £15 including courier, which i've repainted blue once as it was rather faded, but plan to paint over in a lighter shade, again when the weather gets a little's perfect to go at the end of the bed for all my linen and pj's though..


  1. Oh I love that blanket box...ok I must admit this but when I look at your outfits Im also noseying at your furniture (Im so shameful when it comes to other houses) I love the design you have going in your flat and it its something I would have if I lived on my own (not allowed florals thats too girly apparently).

  2. Wow I love your blanket box :) so so pretty.

  3. That Lloyd Loom ottoman is divine, I love that blue shade. People are often tempted to paint them white which spoils them and takes away their vintage appeal.
    Love you in the orange-y red shade and the shoes are fab!

  4. FAB blanket box! Oh I REALLY, REALLY do love it. Will have to have a hunt on eBay for one of my own!

    You always have the BEST songs in your titles - Starting Line FTW! :) xx

  5. The blanket box is gorgeous. I have a really dull pine one at the end of my bed which I really must do something with.


  6. The trolley is brilliant! I have one that used to belong to my Nan and Grandad, I love it but it isn't as good as yours, it doesn't have a drawer x

  7. Oh my gosh, they could possibly be my perfect pair of IC heels. *wants*

    And the blanket box is amazing. Love the fabric and the lovely shade of blue.