Monday, 15 March 2010

you can lie awake in bed, or come and sleep with me instead..

oh boy, how do i have so much energy this morning, i've been awake since 3am - grr @ insomnia, but i'm hoping i'll be wired enough on life to keep me going through work and my guides meeting..

this weekend has been full of bargains, i went to tesco on friday eve to buy the foood i needed to cook sunday dinner, and lost myself in the clothes sale for a little while lol..and then headed home via matalan, which had another fab sale on!!

then, saturday i spent the day in town with my sister, which was rather fun, involving a trip to the cinema to see alice in wonderland..i have to admit that after all the hype and anticipation, i wasn't all that impressed..on the way home however, i was drawn into the closing down sale of one of the local shoe stores and found some fabulous bright pink pixie boots and a yumi clutch bag, which i couldn't resist, and definitely made up for the disappointment! (i'm so fickle!)

yesterday was a nice family day where i went to my parents' house and cooked lunch for them, but clothes-wise i had a bit of a nightmare, a total confidence-crushing fat day where everything i tried looked hideous :( in the end, i was running out of time, so went with this wraparound floral dress from h&m last year, with a green vest underneath, to go with the green mushroom heels (irregular choice of course, to cheer me up!)

today's outfit is made up of the friday night bargains - my whole outfit cost less than £20 which i'm sure is some kind of record for me lol..the green skirt is just a different colour of one of my most-worn work skirts recently, i also bought a red one as they were £3 each! the top was from tesco, where i also treated myself to some kiwi-green nail polish (perfect with the skirt imo!) so i've just teamed with black tights and heels. the nail polish is alright, although seems to chip easily as i did two coats this morning and already some is coming off..

i'm liking this happy mood, going to put all thoughts of boys and annoyances out of my mind and concentrate on the good things for a while :) hope everyone else is having a happy week too xx


  1. I love the dress you wore to your family day, you certainly didn't look fat! It looked great on you ! I love the green skirt too, lovely length and a nice cut. Oh, and if you ever sell those shoes, can I have first refusal ! haha ... They're fantastic :0)

  2. Oh Char, I am LOVING that cream dress on you, it is so incredibly gorgeous x

  3. Such a pretty print on the cream dress, and like how you mixed a bit if green in too. Fat?Do you need glasses?
    Vicki xxx

  4. Darling Char, you so suit that midi length of dress. How can you possible think you're fat? You need a new mirror and a date with Gok, my're gorgeous.
    Great buys.

  5. Yay for the happy mood! Those spring greens would cheer anyone up! :) x

  6. What a fabulous clutch bag. I agree that you look totally amazing in the cream dress and don't want to believe that you could be down on yourself... you're utterly gorgeous. x

  7. I really wish you weren't so down on yourself sometimes honey. You have such an amazing figure and you look fab in both outfits. The floral dress is especially lovely and you know my love for the IC heels ;)

  8. both outfits are stunning :) and those pixie boots are fab, what a good find. You are really pretty and slim and like vix said maybe you need a new mirror xx

  9. Both outfits are indeed stunning.. you have a lovely figure, know instinctively how to dress it to its best advantage and have amazing taste in clothes.. DO NOT be so down on yourself. You have the confidence to wear those lovely interesting things, you don't choose dowdy boring clothes.. be proud:)

    And i want those Mushroom shoes

  10. If there is one word that never cmes to mind whe I think about your outfits it's hideous! Know the kind of days you mean though as I get them too. You look lovely in the dress.

    You will also be pleased to hear that I have purchased my very first pair of Irregular Choice shoes. They were from Ebay and they are the black mushroom heels - I can't wait till they arrive.