Monday, 1 March 2010

your mind is just like mine, all filled up with things benign..

no outfit post from me today as i ran out of time this morning, and had left the camera in the car (sorry!)..had a productive morning, but seem to have done everything i had to today, so am trying to find things to fill my afternoon at work, whilst updating things here..i find i seem to work a lot better under pressure, or multi-tasking, than if i only have one thing to do at a time..seems to take just as long..

i'm suffering from a cold or the start of the flu today, which is annoying me as it's making me restless, although i'm not sure why..i spent a whole day at home yday feeling ill and sorry for myself, so tried to get some productive things done, like cleaning the bathroom and making some more felt brooches, which i plan to photograph this evening and offer up for sale on here soon enough..i didn't feel well enough or inspired enough to try on any of the mountain of shopping from saturday's trip, so it is all still in the bags, where it was dumped in the hallway at midnight on saturday lol as you can see..
i bought a lot, based on the list i made before i went, as i wanted to try to think about what i need to add to other outfits, or items i already have, as well as adding to the plain section of my wardrobe, which is severely lacking..i also had a list of things i had seen online, and wanted to check out 'in the flesh' before actually buying..most of which i didn't, as follows:,5,shop,womens,womenscollections,newforspringwomens - i did love this on the site, but in the flesh it was a lot shorter and more "flimsy" than anticipated, and certainly not worth the £85 price tag in my opinion..
also, the yellow prom dress on the river island site, looked so cute in the pictures, but in real life it just seemed too shiny and OTT for everyday wear (even for me!) and i have to face the fact that i have too many 'evening only' dresses anyway, especially for someone who doesn't often go on a night out..!
we searched monsoon high and low for these beauties: but apparently the new stock hadn't yet hit the stores, so they will have to be a website purchase, provided i make enough on ebay this week lol..
and i'm still seriously coveting this: but the liverpool store didn't have my size, so it's still on the wishlist for a later date..
anyway, enough of what i didn't buy, next post promises to include what i actually did buy!!


  1. I cant wait for the big reveal of what you bought! x

  2. Hope you feel better soon, I really should have cleaned my bathroom today, now I feel bad lol!
    Glad you had a good trip, can't wait to see what you got xx

  3. The Urban Outfitters dress is adorable but I can see how it'd be a little risque for everyday! :)

  4. The Accessorize pumps are so cute. Can't wait to see what you actually got (vicarious shopping... lol!)

  5. Looking forward to seeing the contents of those bags! x

  6. how are you?

    Looking forward to your next post