Wednesday, 7 April 2010

i hope you know that where you are i wish you well..

some amusing pics today..mainly due to the fact that alex doesn't seem to believe i ever used to wear have dug out some photos from my trip to south africa, where all i seemed to wear for 3 weeks was shorts/trousers..that has probably been the one exception in the last few yrs since college, where i definitely went through a jeans phase, although also by about halfway through the first year, i did start to be a little more adventurous in what i wore - last week whilst digging through the wardrobes i found one of my favourite items of clothing ever from college lol..a pair of bright yellow dungarees..not sure i would wear them now - which is kinda an upsetting thought as i would have thought i was a lot MORE experimental with outfits these days..


  1. I'd love to see you in some peg leg type trousers x

  2. Aha, I believe you now! Gorgeous photos - the scenery is stunning.

    I think you'd really suit a Bardot-esque style nautical outfit with capri pants, but I'm guessing we can't persuade you back into trousers now :(

    ps - show us the yellow dungarees!

  3. I'm with alex... show us the dungarees! x