Thursday, 22 April 2010

i put my faith in you (so much faith) and then you just threw it away..

today's skirt - another of the primark haul from sunday afternoon..along with a 50p beret, in a cute colour i *may* already have, but i'll worry about that when it's beret-wearing weather again -next my head anyway, it's spring and hats and gloves are away in hibernation..

i'm wearing it with grey tights, pink top, and a teal shrug..along with a pair of bright pink mary jane heels, which were a topshop sale buy i'd forgotten about - and will probably be ebayed, as there's just something i'm not sure about..


  1. Oh GORGEOUS skirt! Methinks I need to get back down to Primark!

  2. Love that skirt! Especially the sound of it with fab pink heels!

  3. Oooh lovely skirt. Am planning another trip to Primark lol!
    VIcki xxx

  4. Such a pretty skirt! I can imagine it looked great with pink and grey.

  5. That skirt is just the prettiest thing ever! And berets, well they are just fantastic anyway... x