Thursday, 1 April 2010

i'll take these storms away, start a brand new story..

ok..first up, responses to some of my comments - thanks for the lovely comments on my hair - i'm kinda hating it at the moment, as i think it needs tidying up, although the length i do like..will endeavour to trim it at the weekend..

next, i have added a pic of the boots from the last post, as requested..they are unbelievably comfortable for a day's wear, and i love the bows on the back..
then i have to post my bargains from yday's lunchtime trip to town lol.. the striped dress is a uttam london one, charity shop bargain, along with the basket bag with the flamingos/palm trees, the gold clutch bag (£2!!!) and the 25p mint striped bangle..yay!
the blue croc bag is one i've been lusting after for ages in river island, and this wardrobe print tshirt is fab to be teamed with a tutu style skirt in summer..

today's outfit is nautical-themed again - i think friday's are clearly nautical days! the tulip skirt i've worn before, from matalan, and have gopt in three colours now, but i love the style and it actually makes me feel good..which is rare at the moment..these shoes were on the wishlist for such a long time, and finally ordered from office..i love them, for their nautical look, and the style is actually really wearable - i've worn these for days at a time and they have been pain-free!! the top combines the current nautical and parisienne trends, and was a matalan (be beau) find a couple of weeks back - i unearthed it from the depths of the wardrobes last night and decided i wanted to wear it, and think it goes well with this skirt / shoes..liking today's outfit..which makes a welcome change, so enough said..


  1. Amazing bargain buys m'dear, and I love todays shoes!

  2. Those boots are ever so cute close up.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the little basket bag. Does it have a make on it... I WANT one.


  3. I love the stripey shoes. Office are great for really comfy shoes, well worth the outlay (although it causes me great pain lol.)

  4. The swan shoes are a-ma-zing!

  5. Yay, thanks for the shoes close up.

    Your figure looks amazing in today's outfit hun, the shapes suit you so well.

  6. The stripy dress is completely gorgeous you lucky thing! x

  7. Those boots are gorgeous!