Wednesday, 21 April 2010

i'm an addict for dramatics..i confuse the two for love..

right. i hope nobody will mind, but i am taking a little break from outfit posting for a while..
i may still post the components, but i'm just not feeling in a very "photo" place atm..that said, i'm still (always) in a shopping today is my recent purchases:

the black / yellow floral dress is a primark bargain (£15) and i loooove the bow detail at the front..the floral tshirt was £6 on the sale rail at tesco yday and i have teamed it with my green tulip skirt today and a long chain with an enamelly ice cream pendant, which has gems of the same colour scheme..

i only popped to the shops for something to do at the weekend lol, and did set myself a perfectly reasonable (tight by my usual reckless standards) budget..and kinda hadn't realised how many new clothes i ended up with until i got them out to photograph yday eve..for some reason i can't get some of the pics to be the right way round though, so the rest are going to have to wait until tomorrow..
these two are my most recent ebay wins - the green / pink floral dress is an asos one, which sold out around the time of the last SATC movie, as it's a lot like one carrie wore i believe, and i've been keeping an eye out for it ever since so quite excited, although this does need taking in a couple of sizes..the other is a next dress, a kind of oatmealy colour, with polka dots, which i love..a little disappointed that it's missing a button and the spare isnt' inside, but i'm sure i;ll track down something similar, or perhaps change the lot..


  1. I don't mind! Ooh how I love your taste in floral frocks. Some beautiful buys there.

    I vote a total button change on the Next dress - the current ones look a bit of an unusual colour so I'm not sure how likely you are to find a perfect match.

  2. Nobody will mind if you take a wee break from the pictures. Just come back to it when you feel you are ready.
    Some shopping gems there. I nearly bought that yellow and black Primark dress, it is very pretty. I'm with Alex, change all the buttons, will let you personalise it a little. x

  3. Great eBay buys. The ASOS one is gorgeous. x

  4. A girl can never have too many floral dresses. Apart from maybe you! If you decide you ever need more wardrobe space, just let me know! Love the yellow Primark one. And they look much better on you than dumped on the floor so hope you get over your phase because you're gorgeous.
    Vicki xxx