Friday, 30 April 2010

i'm sure i've seen this look before, done a thousand times and a million more..

oooh the excitement is upon for a weekend in cardiff, seeing lostprophets tomorrow night and coming back sunday, hoping to fit in some significant shopping time too!! the weather is nice and rainy outside, but even that isn't getting me down - it just changes my shoe choices slightly for the weekend i guess, as i noticed this lunchtime that pale pink fabric doesn't bode too well in the rain ( ....sorry IC's :( ......)

yesterday's outfit didn't quite seem right all day - i liked the dress when i last wore it, although i;ve never liked this cardigan - i need to find a better grey one i think..i didn't even go for the yellow heels in the end, as i felt it didn't look right for work somehow - too short for heels maybe?? not sure, just wasn't having a very "happy clothes" day i guess..

today has been another crazy busy day, too much to do and not enough time to fit it all in, but i do work better under pressure, so shouldn't really complain! i've made a list of things to pack / do before we leave tomorrow morning as well, so that's all good, just have to remember the tickets!

today's dress is probably one of my favourites, it seems to lend itself to clashing, but has also got that dressed down quality just right..i love this necklace with the berry coloured beads, which i snapped up along with a matching bracelet set in the phase eight sale back in jan..and the bag doesn't get used enough - a present from my dad, it spends a lot of time looking at me longingly, hoping to be used, so i thought i'd give it a day out.. the shoes are IC's, and now drying out under my desk, after a rainy trip to town for a MS assignment at lunch which did not go very well!
if you haven't yet, please pop along to my last post to enter the giveaway, and i will be back after the weekend with all sorts of new ideas to post about, plus hopefully some pics from the weekend, i'm rather looking forward to planning some "weekend outfits"..think, much more clashy and much more mental shoes - i love weekends away !!! :)


  1. Hope you have a great weekend, love LPs. Lovely dresses as usual!
    Vicki xxx

  2. I hope you have a fantastic time in Cardiff.

    The yellow and grey outfit is just beautiful. Such a shame you didn't feel good in it because you look fab.

  3. Sometime your in Cardiff you should detour via Nailsea ;)

  4. Those shoes are absolutely gorgeous! I will definitely have to check out the IC website - I've been avoiding it as my shoe collection is almost up to 100 shoes and I have no space!! But those, I could find a little gap for ;)

  5. That bag is fab! Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. Ohh enjoy your trip! I saw LP in Glasgow in February - was fab! x

  7. Hope you are having fun in Cardiff. I love the yellow and grey outfit. x

  8. Hope you're having a great could you not with those clothes and shoes!

  9. Hi there! Love both looks and your shoes are too adorable! Thanks for coming to my slumber party!!! Just e-mail me what you'd wear to it in any environment you want by the 8th and I'll post it with your blog link! You can e-mail me at Can't wait to see it! xo, Mel