Monday, 26 April 2010

it's a game but we're all just victims of love..

a rather speedy outfit post today, as i've not had much time to stop all day, and have to head straight to guides this evening after work..

had a nice and productive weekend, saturday was spent rearranging my living room, and also trying on / clearing out *some* clothes, and reminding myself of others i may have forgotten about..
saturday's outfit was this green polka dot dress, purchased in the primark sale in manchester about 4yrs ago, for the bargainous sum of £5!! odd how i manage to remember how much i paid for everything i buy, as well as when i have worn it (in this case once to uni about 3yrs ago, and not since - until sat!)..

today's outfit is the new floral sundress i purchased from topshop - i'm liking the colourful spring-ness of it, although it's rather short..i also like that i paid for the majority of it with vouchers, whcih i don't really class as a spend - so it really only cost me £5 as well!! :)
i like this cardi too, a h&m one i also have in green, and the dino necklace was a toy which i turned into a necklace and totally love for it's quirky kitschness..i got told i looked nice today as well, which has boosted my cheerful mood!!

hopefully everyone else is having a relatively cheerful day also ;)


  1. Oooh, I spy Articulate in the background! Yay!!

    You look fab in both outfits but you know my love for green so I am smitten with that pretty polka dot dress.

  2. Love the minty polka dots! So cute.

  3. Love how happy and carefree you look in the righthand pic Char! Gorgeous dresses as always!

  4. gorgeous blog you have got here. x