Thursday, 15 April 2010

it's not the end of the world now baby, but i can see it from here!!

oh god i have barely had time for real life, let alone updating my blog here for ages - sorry!!

i'm off to guide camp tomorrow eve, so a lot of last-minute panicking and organising is occurring at the moment, but i promise that by the time i get back on here next week, i will have thought of the basis of my blog giveaway as i am at 50 followers (thank you!!)..

today's outfit:

striped puffball skirt, and teal tshirt, both picked up in h&m yesterday evening whilst i was waiting around to meet a friend..

the green heels are irregular choice, with mushrooms on..and the blazer is still featuring strongly in my work outfits at the moment..


  1. That skirt is fab! As are your shoes, but they always are.
    Have a fab weekend, hope you enjoy camp, bet you are shattered by Monday x

  2. FFab outfit, love the pop of colour against the skirt! Hope your well and have fun at camp! x

  3. That skirt is sooo cool. I also love the green pumps!

  4. I love this outfit, you wear colour so well :) Hope the weekend goes well xx

  5. Do you wear your amazing shoes at camp or do you go altogether more sensible?
    There's an award on my blog for you =)x

  6. That little blazer is fab. x

  7. Gorgeous colours! Hope that camp went well - how I miss larking about in fields.