Tuesday, 27 April 2010

say it's true, or everything that matters breaks in two..

i think i need to learn not to try and do everything to try and keep everyone happy all of the time..i feel as though i don't have enough time to do anything at the moment, and that there is always something i should have already done..exhausted!

today's outfit is similar to the first time i wore this skirt, but i was in a hurry to straighten my hair, so just added a green vest and teal (?) polka dot cardi, with my green mushroom heels and some pearls, fairly simple but i think i like this outfit..


  1. Lovely outfit today Char. You really suit all the different shades of green :)

    What a fab cabinet by the way, I love the fact it has a little face!

  2. Its a pretty outfit. Simple and stylish.
    Please make sure you aren't overstretching yourself hun. Take time for yourself and relax a little. x

  3. That colour looks so good on you. And I've been trying to comment on yesterdays but given up. You look so pretty when you smile!
    Vicki xxx

  4. the only person you should ever be trying to, and making an effort to keep happy is YOU.

    I love this outfit x