Wednesday, 12 May 2010

and the best is, no-one knows who you are..just another girl, alone at the bar..

i'm still playing catch up with all the recent pics i haven't yet posted, which is mad considering that i didn't even take many outfit pics last week due to no camera -which was a shame as i liked some of them a lot! maybe i'll try on for photo purposes, if i get time lol..i never seem to have enough time in the day recently!

the two to the left are from the guide getaway i went on at the weekend, wtih my friend and some of her unit..for some annoying reason i didnt' get a pic of my floral tent, but i will camp again soon so it's sure to get a mention..we went to warwick castle, with 1200 other girl guides from across the country, and spent an evening watching all of the various sword-fighting/archery/birds of prey shows, had hot chocolate and watched a ball of fire being catapulted from the trebuchet in the dark...and then on sunday the girls spent a day to theirselves in the castle grounds..i didn't manage to get the sword out of the stone, but i did have a nice day, weather better than expected and received a lot of compliments on my favourite hat ;)

as the bus wasn't set to leave until 4, my saturday morning was spent cycling into town in the rain, and visiting the library etc and various other chores..i managed a couple of shops as well, and will post my charity shop bargains next time i promise, i'm almost up to date lol..i've been waiting to wear this oversized jumper (very o'sized on me because the only size left on the website was an 18, but i put a waist-belt underneath it and tucked the hem up and under at the front, which i *think* helped)..i loved this outfit anyway, the jumper is over a h&m prom dress which i've worn so often recently..and the headband is one i made on friday night in a rare moment to sit down with the sewing machine, from the leftover floral fabric from a dress i made..

one of my saturday charity shop bargains was this grey pinafore, it's only from primark, but i've been looking for one in plain grey for ever so long, so was really excited when i found one in my size! the reason i've wanted one for so long, is so that i have something to wear this floral shirt with.,it's been a long dilemma! i thought i'd keep the rest simple on monday, with some flat pumps, and a long chain with a mouse pendant on which i bought from a local shop..

and yesterday's outfit? well, this dress was a sale purchase from dotty p's last summer, a present if i recall correctly..which i had chucked on a coathanger with this satiny shrug and as i wasn't exactly feeling uber inspired i figured they went fine together..i added a pair of irregular choice mushroom heels, and a long gold chain with a gold heart and some beads in blues and bronzey colours and tried not to pay attnetion to the mess that is my hair at the moment..


  1. Wow yesterday's outfit is just incredible Char x

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend. A floral tent, brilliant!

    Love all 3 outfits. The grey pinafore looks perfect over that lovely shirt.


  3. hey my dear sorry for the late reply! Ive bee trying to reply to comments for past few days but everytime i clicked on your name it said profile unavailable!? maybe it was my blogger acc being weird!! anyways im here now!! :)
    great photos!! x

  4. The pinafore is so simple but utterly lovely, especially with that shirt.

    Yesterday's outfit is gorgeous too. Such a beautiful print.

  5. I need a picture of your tent!
    I love the grey pinafore outfit, very early 70s