Friday, 14 May 2010

everything i know about breaking hearts, i learned from you - it's true...

i'm not generally a socks girl..we'll start there..i have one or two pairs, nicked from the ex, which are used for the gym..and i used to have a pair with dinosaurs on, which i lost at the gym - along with my trainers (i mean, seriously, who nicks someone's worn trainers, complete with used socks?!?! - but i came back from the pool and they were nowhere to be seen :S )..the only other pair i own are these knee high grey ones - blatantly only purchased for the lacey edges and cute ribbons..i'm so fickle!

well, when lovely sock 'fanatic', alex extended this unofficial challenge my way, who was i to say no - let's face it, it's the last day of what has been a fairly crappy week, and i wasn't exactly brimming with outfit-inspiration anyway..therefore, after a good half hour search for one elusive sock last night (WHY do they do that?!?! at least with tights you can never lose a half!)..i built an outfit around them..after much deliberation, i figured this tulip skirt would look ok, if put with other greys..i like the rabbit print cardi (excuse the fact i had just washed my hair lol)..but there was just something i didn't quite like about the whole i went with plain grey top, and a leopard print cardi..

as you can see, i tried heels first, but wasn't sure about the socks then (and my feet still hurt from yday's evil shoes) in the end i went for the new stripey red and white river island pumps..on the way out of the door so forgot to photo them..
and a couple more photos for good measure.. one of the headbands i made the other day in my sewing frenzy, and also one of the granny-chic cardi/shirt things (i have no idea what it's classed as really lol) i picked up in the severn hospice shop the other day..i love the fact they have shoulder pads, and pearly buttons and lace, and i think with a little altering, they'll make nice little cardis...


  1. Oh you totally win the knee high challenge! They look glorious, and the whole outfit is just perfect. I wouldn't have thought of putting grey and red together but it looks fantastic. I don't know if I even dare attempt it now, having wimped out of the last effort.

    The rabbit cardi is stunning - where's it from?

  2. Knee high socks look so cute! I have a few pairs but have only really worn them with longer boots x

  3. You are working those socks Char. LOVE them.

  4. Love those socks, Char! In fact I'm inspired to go and get a pair myself, they look that good.
    Your hair looks beautiful (sans turban, naturally).
    Have a great weekend, sweets!

  5. SO CUTE! I love the socks, so cute. You've inspired me to put mine on this weekend!

    Have a wonderful weekend,

    lots of love


  6. Love that look. Well done on nailing Alex's challenge. I always want to wear my knee highs like that but they don't come knee high on me :(


  7. love your skirt and knee highs!


  8. Love your socks look!! I need to wear socks more myself! And fabulous headband- great job! xo, mel