Thursday, 6 May 2010

if i go crazy then would you still call me superman...

apologies for the lack of outfit posts this week, i left my camera at the parents' house at my dad's bday the other day and haven't had chance to retrieve it just yet..which is frustrating as all the new clothes are on there, and it means i'm going to have to try on yday/today's outfits again for photo purposes as i've been quite happy with them for a change lol - i wonder if this has to do with the fact that i haven't yet photo'd them??

anyway, onto the next thing...
the winner of my first ever giveaway:

i used the random number generator on to give me a number between 1-12 for the comments which entered...and it came up with 10, so congratulations to
Sarah (please send me your address so I can send you your winnnings !! )

nextly (i realise this is not a word)..i was tagged what seems like a lifetime ago by Disco Goth with the Plastic Joy award..the rules state that i need to choose 5 tv/film characters which, um, how to put it, i'd be happy to share some joy with...? lol

first two were fairly easy, although mainly because i grew up loving both of these movies:
1. kevin o'donnell, from coyote ugly..i loved this film, and clearly had a thing for the aussie accent..he was cool, and caring..and i liked the fact he would park his car anywhere and put his own clamp on it - i've been tempted in the past to do this!

2. patrick verona, from 10 things i hate about you - see, i told you - the aussie accent, i used to watch a lot of home and away as well lol..i think he was attractive because of the 'bad boy' image...
3. Angel, of Buffy-the-vampire-slayer fame..i've never been a massive tv watcher, but i do remember watching buffy when i was younger - and twilight just doesn't do it for me as far as vamp's go, it's DB all the way!
4. this is where things start to get tricky as i only have 2 places left..more recently, sherlock holmes, for the fact that he's a bit of a loveable rogue..

and finally..although i think that the list changes on a week by week basis..

5. big..just because, i like the thought of someone sophisticated to look after me :) and because i have a shoe collection to rival carrie's!


  1. Wow - I'm so happy! I've never won anything in my life before. Will PM you my address. Big thanks. xx

  2. Congrats Sarah, Please take a piccy of the prize so we can all be envious!!x

  3. Nice choices!!! :)

  4. haha what a idea for a list!

  5. Patrick Verona...what a great choice. I fell for Heath Ledger big time when I saw that movie.

  6. What a funny award. Good choices, though ;)