Tuesday, 18 May 2010

the last time you saw me, was in your closed eyes as i waited by the phone..

really speedy post today, as i'm already late - no time for anything as usual, i'm fairly sure there's a record to be had for the speed at which i'm currently typing, so please point out any errors lol..

today's outfit - very hastily thrown together in a grumpy mood due to my stupid petulant shower this morning, which decided to burn my head! nothing new, i thnk this outfit has been done before, but i've been a bit useless at picturing outfits recently so tyhought i better make the effort at least this morning with the camera! blue tulip skirt was matalan (£3), with a dullsville black vest, and a river island sale purchase which has left fluff everywhere all day :S

t'other outfit is from a meal out on saturday, with the family, who i spent the day with on of my favourite parts of a relaxing day or so at the holiday house, is the fact that i get a whole other wardrobe which i get to rummage thru - this dress is from h&m, and the necklace was about £3 from asda in the xmas sale..

am now off to a friend's house to cook tea..first proper meal i've cooked in far too long, and i'm going to try and dissuade myself from getting lost at the clothes section in the supermarket!


  1. That green dress is gorgeous. Colour looks great on you. Have a nice dinner tonight. x

  2. The H&M dress is just stunning.

    Hope the cooking went well!

  3. That green dress looks very pretty. I wish green looked good on me!

  4. pretty dress!

    Just stumbled by your page & I love your blog! :)
    - Audrey Allure. <3