Thursday, 13 May 2010

you are, the only one that needs to know..

i'm finding myself inexplicably drawn to yellow's and yday's outfits, and one last week (which i haven't pictured but will do) were all pretty yellow..both of the dresses are from primark, which has had some lovely dresses in recently..the yellow cardi, used for both outfits, was picked up in a charity shop last year for a couple of quid, and has been hiding in the drawer ever since..

i was tidying up my flat-shoe storage drawers last week, and came across this pair of patent yellow peep toe's which i love..i love the bows on the front, and the cheerful bright colour..i don't love the fact that the slingback straps at the back only tend to stay on my feet for a few steps..but i put up with them all of yesterday with the black dress..
today's dress is quite short too, as seems to be the trend at the moment - with some dresses waaaay to short to be public..ever (green lace new look dress, i mean you!).you can't see from the photos, but this one has a really cute criss-cross effect of the straps at the back..which i've hidden with the cardi, as frankly it's not warm enough not to..but i decided flat shoes were needed once again..didn't want to go for the same ones, so thought i'd wear this IC pair, which i've not worn out before..i made it to about lunchtime today (including a trip around the supermarket) before having to take them off as my toes were getting a little squashed..i think they need "wearing in around the house" a little more..but i'll put them on again later lol..
my lovely new daisy necklace, is from my favourite ever daisy ;) and came in the post with a cute letter too xx
and as for the title to my post today (apart from the fact that the lyrics are by my favourite band ever)..i've been thinking about my blog, basically as a result of victoria's latest post which i read last night (here)..i don't know about anyone else but i know that the reason for my blog posts is to get my thoughts down somewhere, me it's a bonus that anyone reads the random thoughts that i spill all over my little corner of the web..i love to read everyone's comments as and when they feel like writing them, and i do read every one, (that's why i put them on 'mod')..that said, if i didn't have anyone following / commenting on my posts, it wouldn't stop me posting..sorry if this doesn't make much sense..basically i think i'm trying to say that i think blogs are personal, esp. when they are about all aspects of your life, and i think they should be written about whatever you like, whenever you like, and not for someone else..i know i have enough work and other things in my life with strict deadlines, and which have to be done for other ppl, and i like my blog to be something different to the structured nature of the other areas in my life..that's all i guess..


  1. I love how bright and cheerful this outfit is.

    I agree with your last paragraph. I blog for me, when I can, about what I want to. Readers and comments are a bonus, not why I do it..and therefore I don't feel as much obligation as I perhaps used to.

  2. What pretty spring-like shades, Char (even tho' it doesn't much feel like it outside) and lovin' the sophisticated side swept hair, too.

    Like you, I started my blog as a bit of self-indulgent fun. I was totally amazed when I started getting followers and comments. To be honest blogging's made a huge impact on my life, I've met some amazing people and even made a new best friend. At this crap time in my life it's giving me a frivolous focus and a reason for getting dressed in the morning.

  3. @daisy - thanks, that's kinda a much more eloquent way of saying what i was thinking :)

    and @vix - yes, i totally agree, esp. with your last sentence! i've found that the fact that i want to make the most of my outfits to be able to feel better about sharing them, has sometimes made me feel better about myself, and been a reason to dress up on days i otherwise wouldn't feel like doing so ;) xx

  4. Is it very shallow to admit that I love getting comments? Blame low self esteem perhaps but it's very nice to have gone from never getting any compliments to getting them from all you lovely lot. But yes, I don't feel under any pressure to blog relentlessly or about things that "should" interest people. I don't get the whole fitting into a template thing - the blogs I most enjoy are the ones that really bring the writer to life (you're one of them btw) and they only do that when they're vivid and interesting and ramble on about all sorts of different things.

    I appear to have written an essay there.

    Huzzah for yellow, such an instant mood lifter. The necklace is fab :)

  5. @Alex - to be honest, it does cheer me up to see that i have comments on my posts..but i guess i was trying to say that they aren't the reason i blog ;)
    thank you for your lovely comments - i love to ramble on! :D

  6. Char your outfits are all lovely and cheerful. I do like those yellow shoes!
    I agree with you, and everyone who has commented. I love getting comments but I blog just to get bits and pieces down and so I can look back. X

  7. Loving yellow right now too! Especially mixed with green! So spring-like.

    I will fully admit that I started my blog for a mixture of personal and professional reasons. I want it to be successful so I strive for readers by constantly reviewing and changing my content. I've also just started advertising through my blog, but only with companies I really love. If no one was reading my blog, I'd get disheartened very quickly. :)

  8. I love that sunny yellow - can't wear it though, makes me look very ill! You look great!! I do think the dresses out there are all very short - are they meant to be worn over leggings? Or just assuming we want to flash at strangers?!!