Tuesday, 25 May 2010

you called me strong, you called me weak, but still your secrets i will keep..

ugh..kinda fed up at the moment, as ever i don't seem to have enough time in the day to get everything i should be doing done, i feel fat, and this week is extra busy, with now having to organise a bday event for all the ppl who wanted me to do something, and are now not going to come..grr, i so wish i hadn't bothered saying i'd do anything..

i did have a lovely, sunny and marvellously relaxing weekend - a lot of time spent sunbathing in the garden with a few library books and a jug of squash..and my sunday was spent at the slot car festival at donington park, with my family (dad's really into slot cars!) sunday dress was the pale blue cherry print one i got in Cardiff from river island, which has
an open back so i ended up with a big red circle from the sun!

yesterday was lovely and sunny and hot outside, so i went for a flowery miss selfridge dress i've had for ages but hardly worn..too hot for a cardigan, so i just went for a bangle and a pair of irregular choice nautical wedges i've never worn, despite having had them for a few years..i discovered they are far too big, so much so that they were slipping off..need to invest in some insoles for them i think and see if that helps..

today's dress is another i haven't worn for ages and ages, bought from ebay, although originally h&m..i changed the cardi when i got to the car for a pale pink one, as i didn't think the grey went very well, and the shoes are some moss green heels with gold floral print on them..IC's of course, from the good old days when a trip to TK maxx used to end up in a new pair (or three!)..
tonight is to be spent baking cakes for bringing to work on friday, and also for the weekend if anyone bothers to come..which isn't looking likely..i may just go to wales instead..


  1. Pretty dresses and amzing shoes, Char!
    Take it from me, you ain't in the least bit have a fabulous figure, gorgeous face and a wonderful heart.
    I'm sure your birthday plans will start to fall into place very soon, things that appear to be haeding towards disaster are always the most fun.
    Thanks for your kind comments and support, you really are lovely.

  2. Oh darling, I wish you felt better about yourself because you look incredible.

    LOVING those nautical shoes.

  3. You have sucha great collection of dresses, and you look amazing in all of them.
    Vicki xxx

  4. I'm sorry you are feeling a bit blue. You really shouldn't though, you look amazing ALL the time. Love all your pretty dresses and those shoes are delightful.

    Big hugs

  5. You really do have an amazing figure Char - I wish you didn't have such down days :( Rest assured you look as great as always in these beautiful dresses and I adore those shoes!

  6. Those nautical wedges are amazing! You have an fabulous womanly figure Char, perfect for showing off all your brilliant dresses!!

  7. You are really not at all fat and to echo everyone else you always look brilliant. Hope you start to feel better soon xx

  8. You look lovely - please don't think you're fat because you very much aren't. xx