Tuesday, 1 June 2010

cause if one day you wake up and find that you're missing me..

well, in response to the title, tough! the one thing i have recently realised is that people do not change..whether they think / say they have, it's unlikely to be true! i realise this is all a little cryptic, so shall move onto nicer weekend thigns to report..

saturday was my birthday..i forgot to take any outfit pics as i ended up being in a total rush in the morning, with the traffic conspiring against me..but a friend and i drove to the bullring in order that we could do the CSI experience..which was brilliant! we both chose a "scene" to investigate, and had to find clues and do forensic tests in order to put together a report to go some way towards solving the case..we weren't allowed to take pics in there either, but it was very well done, and there was plenty to do to keep us occupied for a couple of hours whilst we solved our cases!!

saturday evening was also a bit of a rush, with various friends arriving at my flat, so we picked up pizza on the journey back (being a little behind schedule mainly due to a mini primark trip on the way back to the car)..and h ad pizza and fairycakes, before heading out to the cinema to see SATC2..not being a die-hard SATC fan (i never watched it on tv, although have subsequently watched my way thru the box-set of my sister's)..i had seen the first film when it came out, and quite enjoyed it, and it seemed to be the film out this weekend with the most appeal (i'm not really a fan of games made into films, and nothing else really took my fancy, so SATC it was as a girls' trip out)..yes, i'd read the reviews, and yes i suppose i shoud have known better..but we all came out of the cinema disappointed..whilst i won't reveal anything about the plot (not that there really was one), it just seemed to be an awful fashion show..boring and badly put-together and i definitely hope there isn't another waste of money to make a third instalment..if you want a much better review of the film, check out Jen's here..(pic from

sunday; a new day, and an early start to join my parents and little sis for lunch in the local italian in deganwy..which was really fab, and i was even suprised with a big pink "fondant fancy" birthday cake, and 23 candles, which was rather cool! i wore a purple ruffle dress i got ever so excited by finding on saturday in primark, in a pale lavender colour, with a floral h&m cardigan which i've had for ages but not worn much..the rabbit necklace was from the Freedom section in selfridges, and the glitter one was a present from my little sis..will do a proper present / shopping post next!!


  1. The CSI experience sounds brilliant and your dress and necklaces are very beautiful. Happy birthday!

  2. That dress is so so pretty! I am glad you had a lovely day and it all came together in the end.
    Kandi x

  3. Hope you had a fab birthday! Would love to see a post of your birthday gifts!

  4. Awww, SATC wasn't good? And I hope you had a good birthday. I love your necklaces too. xxx

  5. The CSI thing sounds so much fun. I'm really annoyed I didn't get a chance to go :(

    The dress is beautiful!

  6. Pretty dress and gorge necklace!
    CSi sounded like fun but never got the SATC thing at all!