Tuesday, 8 June 2010

keep building a wall round my heart, but then i see you and it all falls apart..

well here we are again at the start of another week..i have oh so much to do, the to-do list seems to get longer by the minute, but the thing i seem to have lost completely is my enthusiasm :(
i have a guide camp to plan, letters to write, things to photograph and sell, wardrobes to clear out (!!) and projects to finish making, as well as (at least) two stone to lose, and a meal plan to create..and my commenting still doesn't work, which is making me feel awful, as i'm reading all my usual blog subscriptions, but with no way to let you lovely people know that i'm still on board :(

hmm, well at least my weekend was rather nice - saturday was spent exit surveying, with a pop into town in the afternoon, missing the library by just a few minutes as i got distracted by all the one-day sales and reductions in the shops..that said, all the things i have my eye on are the ones which are not reduced - which i think is some kind of shopping law! in a similar way to the fact that there is a shopping law which states that the dress you've had your eye on for ages will either sell out by the time you go back for it, or that you'll get it, and it will be reduced in the sale the next day - both of which seem to happen to me haha!

ho hum, and sunday i went to a garden party, arranged by girlguiding for the centenary year, and held at Himley Hall in Dudley, for all of the leaders of the midlands..we got a bus to the hall, had a picnic, and then played croquet (which i had to do in bare feet, as my heels were not allowed on the croquet lawn!) which point it started to pour with rain..i'm not really a wimp when it comes to rain, the way i see it if i'm out and it starts to rain, i'm already wet, so what does it matter if we keep playing in the rain?! it was fun anyway and i did manage to win one hoop! then we had cream tea, and my friend and i went off to the swing boats, for a childish game of seeing how high we could get it to go!! by the time we got on the bus to go home, i had totally dried off, and was ready for a snoooze, but it was such a lovely afternoon and i think really nice that us leaders got somethign special arranged just for us :)

my outfit for the garden party was a vintage laura ashley floral / bow print dress, with a pinky red satin shrug from primark, and a pair of yellow primark heels, as we had been warned in advance that the ground wasn't all that forgiving to heels..


  1. Oh that looks like so much fun Char. I haven't been on a swing boat for years!

    Re the blogger problem - I'm finding when trying to comment from home that it's fine with blogs where you have to click on the "post a comment" link but when the comment box is just under the blog it won't show up at all. Is it the same thing with you?

  2. I adore the Laura Ashley frock on you, perfect length and fit. Who'd have thought you could have so much fun in Dudley (apart from me who loves the charity shops round those parts)!

  3. I adore the photo of you playing croquet in bare feet, it just all looks like so much fun

  4. Thats a beautiful dress on you. You look amazing and your hair looks fab too!
    Kandi x

  5. Your dress is so fabulous! And it looks like you had the best time! x

  6. That swing boat looks loads of fun. Sounds like a lovely day and you look v pretty in your dress. xx

  7. Looks like an altogether brilliant day and you look just perfect in the dress!


  8. Fabulous dress and what an amazing way to spend the day even with the rain. x

  9. I remember going on swing boats at the fair when I was little!! Love that Laura Ashley dress! Looks like a fab day, great that all you leaders get a little recognition for your hard work!