Thursday, 3 June 2010

where's your picket fence love, and where's that shiny car?

morning all :) lovely day to cycle to work for the first time this year, so started out early, in order to have plenty of time and miss the busy time, and stop at the parcel office on the way to pick up a lovely birthday parcel from a friend!! a good start to the day! lol
basically as you can see i was a little indecisive with the outfits, but had planned on wearing the new stripey cardi..i love the outfit to the left, i think the anchor print on this skirt adds to the nautical look of the stripes, and i do like the yellow top, although it's turned out to be quite see-thru, so i didn't feel totally comfortable with it..not sure why, but i thought i'd change..ended up with this floral dress and kept the cardi, with leggings and converse trainers added for cycling ease..irregular choice yellow shoes (from sister) as my shoes for once i'd got there..
next i have been tagged to do a Q&A by the lovely Vicky at ladybug-says..
1. What shoe size are you? i try to kid myself i'm a 7 when i see some lovely ones, but i'm more like a 7.5 which means most of my shoes are either a little too big or a little too small...
2. Where do you work? i work for a practice of architectural technicians, which involves architectural CAD drawing, as well as being responsible for the day to day running of the office
3. Favourite piece of clothing you own?my irregular choice tiger shoes..
4. Your favourite blog? the blog i read every day without fail at the moment is closet365
5. Do you have any pets? i did have four goldfish, which lived in a tank in my office, but they were getting too big for the tank so have been moved to my dad's pond to make way for some new, smaller fish..
6. How many siblings do you have? two younger sisters, 20 and 13
7. If you could live anywhere where would it be? i would love to move to a big city, although i wouldnt' want to leave my pretty flat..if i had to move, it would be either to manchester or paris..
8. What were you doing before this? waiting on hold to speak to the bank..
9. What’s your favourite food?gnochhi with goats cheese and spinach and butternut squash..
10. Do you have a middle name? emma
11. Your favourite websites? ebay, or the irregular choice site..
i know a lot of people have already had this tag, so i'll leave it open to anyone who hasn't and wants to partake ;)


  1. What bike do you have? I've found that quite a few of the clothing bloggers I read have classic bikes!
    My bike is a Raleigh Compact folder, she is 25, and her name is Belinda!
    I love her, and I love reading your blog too xx

  2. The anchor print skirt is very cute - where's it from?

  3. Love that floral dress, so pretty x

  4. Love your stripy sleeves! I really must get a bike and start cycling. So much better than sitting in a sweaty car! x

  5. Yellow is a really good colour on you!

  6. You know I had the very same problem with my feet, then recently Ive been in 6.5s and 7s are big! Think theres a conspiracy going on against people with shoe appreciation...