Friday, 11 June 2010

you're just like the rest of those girls, they're all death by diamonds and pearls..

i know this is the second post of the day, but i was packing up some ebay sales the other day, and found a bag of vintage costume jewellery bought from a car boot sale, and thought i would sort them out..once untangled, i picked out the broken bits to make into something new, and the two necklaces i actually would wear..the rest is surplus and therefore up for sale here, if anyone wants anything, please either leave a comment here (i'll turn them off for the post if i can figure out how)..or PM me or something..first come, first served, they'll be charity shopped if not sold..
top row: 1. long cord necklace with various cream / white shaped beads..
2. white stones on a bracelet with a twist clasp..
3. various gold-coloured chains and bracelets all to go as one lot..
second row: 1. gold-coloured chain with large blue glass type pendant..
2. gold-coloured chain with embedded pearl effect beads
3. long strand of tiny pearly coloured beads with clasp..

this marbley pendant says channel island jewellery on the back, and i can't figure out what it is, it's really light-weight..
one grape/glass bead charm bracelet..
one job lot of various metal bangles..

next, large browney bead necklace..
one green/yellow/red pendant on triple cord..
one blue/ black necklace of various strands of beads..

i'm not online over the weekend much so if you leave a comment then, i'll get back to you on monday :)


  1. Ooooh, some lovely pieces. Are you sure you want to get rid of them? xx

  2. I can tell you exactly what your pendant (Channel Island Jewellery) is made of. It is actually ceramic and it was a technique used by a J erseyman in the Channel Islands, who has now retired and destroyed all techniques etc that he had learned to be able to make such exquisite pieces. I now collect Channel Island Jewellery as I come from the Islands also (Guernsey though). Lovely item/