Thursday, 26 August 2010

can't decide if i should stab you or kiss you..

hello ;) have had a miserable couple of days, am in the midst of an evil allegic reaction to something apparently..but yday i decided to stop moping and dress up..i got the bargainous mustard tulip skirt from ebay for £3.20 and i'm really happy with it..using it as the base piece of my outfit, i foudn this floral print vest i'd bought in a primark spree ages ago, and finally took the tags off..the chunky necklace was from the new look sale a while ago, there were two left and my friend and i bought one each - haha, we are 23 honest!! the toadstool shoes are irregular choice, of course..i love this style, and have it in all the available colours (sad, i know!) but had never worn the brown ones this outfit :)
today's is a little more boring, i wanted to wear another pair i haven't got round to wearing yet, and then couldn't decide what to put iwht them, so just went fairly boring on the skirt / tee and my chunky miss selfridge heavy knit cardigan, which i stalked in the store last winter until it went into the sale and then purchased!! i was going for comfort over sartorial elegance today, and do realise that the cardi is a bit "frumpy granny" but am feeling under the weather, and thus don't really care! the shoes are obviously IC again..i had to get a friend to bid on them for me as we were driving down the motorway when they finsihed..but then found they were from a relatively local seller, so one of my work colleagues went to pick them up also, which was rather good ;)

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

and it's so very obvious, to everyone watching us..that we have got something good..

happy monday! have personally enjoyed a nice and relaxing weekend (by my standards anyway, usually i try to cram in more than is physically possible!)
on saturday i went to chester races with some friends, which turned out to be really good. the weather was a lot nicer than anticipated, so i was able to leave my coat in the car :) also, i managed to win one out of the two bets which i placed, so i was pretty happy by the end of the day!!
yesterday was spent at the gym, and then the cinema, and i wore the same jumpsuit outfit from earlier in the week, so it's been a weekend of no outfit photos as i forgot my camera on sat! but today's work outfit is above..not sure about the fit of the dress, i think i need to add a sash style belt to nip it in, but i love this pair of office shoes!

friends are always telling me, you're a user..

just a couple of outfits from the past day. today's outfit, to the left, is a satin-feel skirt from h&m which i love for it's nautical vibe, and bubble hem..the floral vest is just one of the millions i seem to have acquired this yr from primark, and the cardi was a total sale bargain from sainsbury's, think it was about £3..the most expensive item of the day is the miss selfridge scarf, which i love, but is already annoying me as it's so silky it keeps falling off - think i need tips on how to tie it nicely..
and the other outfit was last night's - i went to the bingo with a friend as she seemed like she needed a night out..the first thing i chose to wear was the headband, which i picked up in the miss selfridge sale for £1 recently and even then thought to myself "i should make one of these instead!"..the dress came from a boutique in the mailbox on a trip to bham, and cost about £10 and the grey cardi is a primark one which i have a love-hate relationship with, as everytime i think i'm fed up with it and decide to ebay it, it looks ok with something..
no other exciting news today, as i have a mile or so of to-do list to sort out, and then am off to drop my sold car off to the garage in advance of my new one in sept - so excited!! :)

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

people say i only see what i want to..then how come i see you..

i am planning a much more in-depth catch-up, as there are a lot of outfits i haven't yet posted, but i am really excited about today;s new playsuit (is it a playsuit? is it a jumpsuit?!) i'm not sure how to describe it, but it's a vintage laura ashley floral piece i picked up for v little on ebay last is a little big, at the moment it's pinned in at the sides, but i have also cinched in with a belt, an think the cardi breaks it up enough..think i'm getting away wth it for the office with the heels haha...