Wednesday, 18 August 2010

and it's so very obvious, to everyone watching us..that we have got something good..

happy monday! have personally enjoyed a nice and relaxing weekend (by my standards anyway, usually i try to cram in more than is physically possible!)
on saturday i went to chester races with some friends, which turned out to be really good. the weather was a lot nicer than anticipated, so i was able to leave my coat in the car :) also, i managed to win one out of the two bets which i placed, so i was pretty happy by the end of the day!!
yesterday was spent at the gym, and then the cinema, and i wore the same jumpsuit outfit from earlier in the week, so it's been a weekend of no outfit photos as i forgot my camera on sat! but today's work outfit is above..not sure about the fit of the dress, i think i need to add a sash style belt to nip it in, but i love this pair of office shoes!